#SL Large Groups Edit Week 43

Getting this update out is proving to be a problem. Not so much the large group editing as the things it is packed with. You know, everyone bundles…

Oskar Linden posted in the SL Forum about the problems with the roll out to the Magnum Release Candidate Channel. See: Large Groups Fixes LIVE on AGNI.

The short story is the roll out was rolled back Wednesday due to issues in the llSensor() function.

However, the candidate was rolled out to the small channel named: Snack. The regions running the release are:

To get into those regions you must be a member of the group Second Life Beta. I think that is an open group, so you can join.

Once in you will need a project viewer to take advantage of the new Larege Group Editing changes. You can download the Second Life™ Development Viewer 3.4.1-265496. That viewer is not to be confused with the current Dev Viewer release on the Snowstorm page, which is: 3.4.2-266255. So, use these links to get the viewer you need.

If you run into problems or have feedback to provide, use the forum thread: Large Groups Fixes LIVE on AGNI.

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