New #SL Project Viewer

There is a new blog post up announcing a new Project Viewer: 3.4.1-266120 Project Viewer CHUI. See: The Second Life Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) Launches Today. This viewer has some new features. I suspect these are some of the features that were being held up by the 3.4.x memory leak problem, which apparently is not completely solved… and thus resulting a 14±% crash rate, which is still way down from what it was.

Pictures to follow… Look here for pictures: #SL CHUI Quick Review

Conversation Log

This is a feature in CHUI that shows you all the conversations you have had in the last 30 days.

Conference Chat

You probably know you can already select multiple people in your friends list and open a conference chat. A new feature now allows you to add people to the conference after it is opened.

Voice Chat Conference

There are features for doing similar things with voice chat.

You can also adjust the volume of individual avatars.


In CHUI, the chat entry box expands to multiple lines as you type. I think this is going to be so nice in RP games.


In the people list there is a blocked list.

Notifications are a work in progress… actually this whole thing is a work in progress which is why it is in a Project Viewer. They plan to provide more control over notifications. That will be way handy in  combat regions.

Think About It

The point of a Project Viewer is for the Lab to get feedback.

The Lindens ask you think about these things:

  • Are the new features useful?
  • Do the functions you commonly use seem more streamlined, or do they require more clicks than before?
  • Are all of the functions, both old and new, easy to find?


Provide feedback using the JIRA CHUIBUG.

I can browse that section of the JIRA. But, I have membership in the Help-Support group for the JIRA. Someone let me know if general users can browser the section or not.


You will find the viewer download on the Second Life Alternate Viewers’ page.

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