Second Life News 1 Week 43

Interest List

Andrew Linden is still working on rewriting the interest list code. He says he is seeing light and should have working code soon. He hopes to have it done this week (43).

Server-Scripting Oct 2012

Andrew told us, “…Dan Linden noticed that the “number of objects in view” right after the login curtain comes up, in a busy region, is less in my code than server-trunk, which means that my interest list wasn’t doing as good of a job of loading initial content. But I think I’ve got that fixed, and am planning on implementing the “gradually increase camera far clip on login” behavior that some 3rd party viewers have already hacked on their end, which should help the initial login sorting.

Main Channel Update

As of Friday the Lindens had decided the code running on Magnum would roll to the main channel. This is the package for better adapting the simulator software to the new hardware.

RC Channels

All the code running in the RC channels will get the Magnum code added. So, they will be running the main channel code with their RC’s code added in.

LeTigre will remain the one with the new Havok library.

Blue Steel is getting some more invisible changes that should help the Lindens deal with some problems like full disks that make servers very unhappy.

The Magnum channel is getting a bunch of bug fixes, and Baker’s Large Group Editing support.

Region Crossings

Baker Linden tells us, “This week, I wrapped up my investigation concerning teleport timeouts. Another Linden was working on multithreading region crossing, and his new code disables the offending code which (I think) is the main cause of timeouts when teleporting. Once that code gets in, I’m hoping we’ll see a decrease in the amount of timeouts while teleporting.”

Simon Linden says, “The region crossing code is in QA now and not ready for any of the RC’s.

Andrew asked, “I know that the region crossing work cleans up a bunch of stuff, but are its effects measurable from the user side?

To which Simon answered, “Yes, the lag event everyone gets when one person leaves a region should be greatly reduced.

So, it seems Huseby Linden has eliminated all or most of the lag from avatars departing a region. That should make a perceptible difference in performance.

Smarter Viewers

It seems Runitai Linden is working to make better use of various video cards. The viewer has to be smart enough to detect the cards and know their capabilities to do that. I suspect this is part of the work to bring SL to Steam users that have higher end gaming machines.


It seems the log jam in the viewer development channel has broken up and things are moving again. This morning (Monday) I see the Dev Viewer is version 3.4.2-266075.

The main viewer is: 3.4.0-264911.

The Beta viewer is: 3.4.1-265898.

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