Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Dolphin has another release out. Lance says this one come quickly after the 27000 version because 27000 was a rush release to get a working Merchant Outbox out. This release includes features and fixes from the planned 27000 release that were skipped to get out Merchant Outbox.

Mesh Upload

This version has the Kokua Mesh Uploader. I have yet to try Kokua’s and Dolphin’s uploaders. I don’t know if they have the ability to create the convex hull when asked to create the physics layer. In Linden Viewers the task is handled by a feature in the Havok physics engine, a proprietary package. On my next trip to ADITI I may try out Dolphin’s and see.

I tend to make my own physics layers to minimize Land Impact. So, whether it does or doesn’t have the ability to do convex hulls isn’t an issue for me.

Message w/Payment

This viewer has the ability to send a short message with any payment you make to an avatar. The message will show up in the transaction history. This could be handy for merchants and customers. This is a feature import from Firestorm.


There are bug fixes and feature tweaks in this version.


Once I take time to check the viewer out I may post an update review. I suspect it is pretty much 27000 with very few changes to the UI.

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