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I found a post by Innula Zenovka on SLUniverse that says Qarl has donated his prim alignment tool code to Linden Lab. I wrote about the tool in October of 2010: Qarl Fizz Prim Alignment Tool. I included Qarl’s video about how the tool works and have copied it to this post too. The original development announcement can be found on Qarl’s blog as: setting things straight. Check out the JIRA links at the end.

You can see Qarl’s blog post about it here: thank you, back. Qarl links to Tateru’s article:  How to send Qarl money. It seems someone sent Qarl some money. As a way of saying thanks to whoever that was, Qarl donated the code to the Lab.

If you don’t know, the Lab will not pick up open source code and add it to their system… you have heard that, right? But, have you asked yourself how the Lab’s viewers came to be based on OpenGL? Something is odd here.

But, in general the Lab wants code contributed. In the contribution process agreements are made by the one contributing the code. While Qarl had made the code public and supposedly open source, he had never ‘contributed’ it to the Lab. At least that is the story I’ve heard and what Q Linden posted in the JIRA.

I’ve never seen the license for Qarl’s code. I only did a little quick searching, but I could not find a license. There is not one in the code. However, now Qarl has completed a Contributor’s Agreement with the Lab. So, that obstacle should be gone.

If you don’t work with open source, you may be unaware that most projects have a repository for the code and repositories have a  licensing process in place for code submissions to the project. That means that anyone wanting to use the code from the repository can see all the license agreements from the contributors. It makes for a simple licensing process and removes questions about and liabilities from using the code.

I suggest everyone visit JIRA: Add Qarl Fizz Prim Alignment Code to SLV2 and click WATCH. That item has been closed… but click anyway and it is linked to item VWR-360 – Easy align prims on their axis by StarSong Bright in 2007. Please visit and click WATCH in both and ask your friends to do the same. So far there are 30 or so people interested in this JIRA item, which is not going to get much action from LL.

This is one of those issues that makes people nuts. The various levels of complications and possibilities for politics and drama often obfuscate the real reasons something is not getting done. Often a spec in the eye stops everything. One really understands the problem when it is their eye.


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