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I see a new page appeared in the Wiki yesterday, Viewerhelp: Map File/Second Life/3.2.2. Rand Linden added it.

This is like a table of contents for SL Viewer 3.2.2 help. There is nothing earthshakingly new. Most pages are stubs with very little text. So, if you like writing help articles, check it out.

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  1. The page has been around a while now; Cerise first pointed to it over on SLU prior to 3.2.2 coming out, and that lead to speculation the “FUI” did in fact mean “flexible user interface”.

    The major mod to the page appears to be re-titling it to “3.2.2” – the orginal was “4.0.0” – leading to some speculation that “Viewer 4” was on the way….

    • I could find references to 3.2 in the thread you link. I’ve been using the 3.2.1 Dev Viewer for a time now. It seems the thread is mostly about 3.2.0 and 3.2.1. I only found the 3.2.2 viewer today and the 3.2.2 help page was created 11/2/2011 @ 15:53 (click the History tab). The 3.2.1 wiki page is still there and was created 10/28. The 3.2.0 page is still there and was created 10/7.

      Several of us have been speculating about Viewer 4 ever since Esbee went silent.

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