Firestorm & Dolphin Release Fixes

Both Firestorm and Dolphin have released fixes for some problems in their recent releases.

See Firestorm Mesh Beta – optional update – the update is for estate managers and those using the Metaharper skin. A performance fix is included for those that find FPS dropping when they have several chat groups open.

Dolphin Viewer 3 has a teleport problem. It sends the request for tp twice. That is fixed. A user inface something is fixed. Chat toasts are wider.


One thought on “Firestorm & Dolphin Release Fixes

  1. As good as the Mesh Beta viewer looks on first sight, I can’t get my joystick (Space Navigator) running with it. That would be a showstopper for me. It does run on the actual releases of Linden’s V2(3)…

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