#SL Scripting Update Week 37

Today was a discussion day in the group. Kelly had no news. A couple of interesting things came up.


Many people are waiting for this feature to come to the main grid. Several things have delayed its arrival. It is now up in the ADITI grid in DRTSIM-92. The code running there is the next server maintenance project. It should move to a Release Channel this week. DRTSIM-92 has SVC-34 fix in it and llCastRay().

SVC-34 is the bug that lets people stop vehicles. And SCR-53 – llSensorRepeat not triggering no_sensor unless a sensor event handler is present. Also llGetMassMKS() is included. (MKS = Meter, Kilogram, Seconds)

The current release channel with DRTSIM-91 should roll to the main grid. It has the fixes for llSetMemoryLimit and PRIM_LINK_TARGET.

SVC-3713 – Inter-sim version of llRemoteLoadScriptPin()

This is an advanced scripting concept used to control script updates and dynamically run seldom used scripts. There are complications because of the Permissions, or lack of them in this case. The challenge comes from the need to prevent griefing and injection of malevolent scripts.

The primary use would probably be allowing scripters to update scripts without user intervention.

Script Time

Part of the reason to use remote script loading is for large scripts that need to run large support scripts. Some think loading and unloading the scripts saves resources. Kelly Linden disagrees as the load and unload process requires more CPU time than just letting the script set idle.

Kelly says:

CPU time for idle scripts now really is very very low. So low in fact that they stop showing in the ‘top scripts’ estate tools. So low it might as well not be. Really. Less than 1 µs[econd].

Summing Up

Not lots going on in scripting changes. I think most Lindens are working on undisclosed projects or helping clean up mesh and bugs.

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