SLV 2.4.0 Beta 2 Released

This was just recently (hours ago) announced on Twitter. They give a link to the download page, which doesn’t really say anything about Beta 2… duh. But, the beta link does lead to version 2.4.0(216393), which they are calling Beta 2. This appears to be the Dec 3rd release announced on the blog days ago. But, on December 3rd I blogged about the 2.4.0(215891) Beta release, which is Beta 1. You would never know there was a change by looking at the blog or download page. 

This release has the auto-updater. The viewer should download viewer updates in background. At your next logon you’ll be asked if you want to install them.

The Development Viewer (Snowstorm) is at version 2.5.0(216547). This version has lots of bug fixes. All boring stuff to read about, but making for a nice user experience. There is lots of work getting done.

Work is ongoing to get KDU update in place. Work is being done to optimize and verify compatibility of the compression algorithms. Hopefully when that appears in a production release we’ll see a performance increase.


This version is going in and out of slow mode. Opening the viewer I thought it was frozen, not letting me type in logon information. Then logging in I quickly dropped to 0.8 FPS…

I’ll probably have to remove all the previous SLV installs and redo them… :/

Check back later, after I have time to sort out wa’sup.

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