Imprudence to Kokua Clarification

It is not surprising many are interested in the coming Kokua Viewer and somewhat confused. Whether it be this or that and did you mean… So the Imprudence peeps have put up a new blog post. It is a very well written set of FAQ answers.

See: FAQs about Kokua

Even more clarification…

11/10 – It seems the Imprudence team got ahead of things. The Aurora Simulator is not going to change name, in spite of that being announced. So, it will be the Kokua Viewer and the Aurora Simulator. See Imprudence statement.

Also, while people are setting up Aurora Simulators and they previously did work on OSGrid recent changes on the OSGrid seems to have downed the Aurora sim’s connected to OSGrid. No one seems sure of what happened. But Artemis Tesla and I could not find any operational Aurora sims today, not that we know where they are all located or have any inside information. Our best authority said,”[02:59 PM]  Simpy Merryman: all aurora regions are offline including the mega and trolls – due to the fact that Aurora is currently not working with the latest core upgrade….

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