Snowstorm Updates

Lots of the work being done by the Snowstorm team is boring, sorry guys. But, it is necessary and it is moving the viewer forward and laying foundations. JIRA and Backlog issues are being resolved. Ideas from various people are being incorporated. Some of the things I think are noteworthy follow;

Plugins and client side scripting are items being dusted off. They were considered earlier in the year and ran into obstacles, which moved them to shelf. The change in development process and the more modular nature of Snowstorm appear to be bringing new life to the features.

Viewer plugins might be something like the mini map or radar. You may have noticed the difference in Emerald’s radar and Imprudence’s combined mini-map and radar. Imagine if the radar were a plugin, a file, you could add to your favorite viewer and have the radar you prefer in any viewer. Nice. Also, plugins would possibly allow the omission of things people don’t use, like scripting. If you wanted to script, you could add the Script Language plugin. Also, it is easier to build a plugin than it is to build a whole viewer just to add a single feature. We could get more people building plugins and adding features.

Client side scripting is in a way like a gesture, but not so limited. Imagine building a brick wall made from little bricks, each a prim. One could script the viewer to build the wall rather than move each prim into place manually. (I know. It is a clunky example.) Basically as one can program prims now one would be able to program the viewer.

Esbee is looking at documenting how triage works in the new JIRA system. That will allow LL to be more consistent and residents to understand what’s being done when and why. Hopefully the net result will be faster problem fixes.

VWR-20705 – Drag & Drop implementation – This allows one to move buttons around in the bottom menu. I’ve so wanted to move buttons to something more useful to me. This is almost into testing. I suspect it will make it this week. Expect this to work something like favorites in the top menu. A return to default or some kind of restore is in the works.

VWR-21585 – Make all tabs support horizontal resizing – This is part of the dockable tabs feature. It has to do with allowing things to resize. VWR-21060 is about fixing shortcut problems opening the sidebar. Code is being written to allow docking and undocking the sidebar. More bugs are being found but they are moving and may finish this week.

The Display Name code was made available. This is the first code release from the new system for a group outside Snowstorm.

They got the Snowstorm blog going. Q Linden was getting beat up over a misunderstanding about adding options to the SLV2 viewers. See:

A Socks-5 proxy thing for those behind corporate file walls is moving into the weekly SCRUM.

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