Travel to Other Virtual Worlds

Travel to other virtual worlds and look cool doing it. Cool as in wear your skin, shape and clothes. How is ths done? Answer: Dynamic Hypergrid Links or just Dynamic Links. Dynamic Links? What the heck is a dynamic link? In this case the Open Sim crowd means links between virtual worlds. The idea is a Second Life resident (player) can open the world map and select other worlds, not just regions.


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Export from SL to OpenSim

Anyone that is creating in Second Life now has the ability to export the things they have created in Second Life to Open Sim. For instance, in SL I have a house I built and a number of other things. I do not own land in SL so I really have no place to put the house. But, it would be fun to put it in OpenSim and landscape around it. I could make much better pictures, if I decide to sell the house.

I run my own little Open Sim world. But if I build something in SL, I have build it again in my Open Sim. If I could export it, I could build once and use twice.

Clothes I’ve made are not a big deal. Those I can easily take to Open Sim. But buildings and prim based things are a different story. At least until now. I’ll be playing with this over the new few days.

To export your builds from SL to Open Sim get the Meerkat Viewer.

See the viewer here:

See the Import/Export Instructions.

Second Life SexGen Script Problems


Broken by Linden - fixed by Stroker

I think everyone knows the Lindens are always working to improve things and add features for which SL Players/residents are asking. Those of us that write complex scripts, programs if you will, are concerned about what happens when a Linden change breaks one of our scripts being used in a product we are selling. Well, Stroker Serpentine has been through such an ordeal. While I don’t know what one can do to change things, his story can prepare you for what can happen.

Stroker is the manufacturer of the Stoker SexGen beds, line of animations, genitals and scripts for builders. Over 2-1/2 years he has sold thousands of his products and they are all over SL. Imagine his IM’s when suddenly thousands of horny residents can no longer have sex. Not a pretty thought, especially if one considers facing a handsome male AV pointing to a limp noodle and asking ‘What the @#%@&*?’

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What Makes Virtual Worlds Successful


Enacharys in Second Life - Puzzle Game

Many game fans are considering whether they can build a game better than the one they are playing. They are looking ahead and trying to work out what will make their game viable and entertaining enough to survive. James Portnow has written a blog post titled Designing a Single Sever MMORPG at discussing what is need to make MMORPG’s successful. JWPlatt founder of posted about it in a post in that forum. I’ve been looking at RPG’s and MMO’s to find the differences between successful and not so successful RPG’s.

One of the things important to MMO’s that is so basic to Mr. Portnow that it is not even directly mentioned as a requirement in his lists is player population… concurrent participation. He goes directly to population density, game area per player.

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New Rand Miller Interview – Myst Creator

The Mac Gamer

The Mac Gamer

Alex McLarty posted his interview with Rand Miller on The Mac Gamer. The article Interview with Rand Miller, co-creator of the Myst series will answer some questions and raise some new questions. It is a great read for Myst Online fans interested in the coming open source release.

Myst Online: Guild of Maintainers has a thread. Check it out and post your thoughts.

Land of NoR Town Hall Meeting

New information and interesting questions were features of Saturday’s town hall meeting for SL’ers play LoN (Land of NoR – SLURL). Luxa Budan and Mystyka Gray were the moderators speaking for LoN. For those interested in RPG’s and what makes the successful ones tick, this reveals some of the thinking going on inside.

The Massive Dark RPG - Land of NoR

The Massive Dark RPG - Land of NoR

Luxa said, “Now there is a poll up on Land of NoR Forum to see what kind of future you would like to see for the sim configurations. Merge the continents or no. If you haven’t yet, take the time to vote.” Suggesting that they are planning on joining or in some other way changing the configuration of NoR’s continents. The poll is in progress be sure to vote. So far the idea of separate but joined by a land bridge is the most popular by about 2 to 1. They also say NoR is on a sim freeze mostly because of the LL devaluation of sims. So, no new sims are planned for anytime soon.

Free LoN Groups to End

Luxa said, “Also to regulate the people spamming the chats and to cut down on general asshatery we are going to make the groups fee based to join. The lindens will be supplied back to the community through SL’s distribution system for groups. Certain members of staff will have the ability to invite legitimate people into the groups. Naturally if you are already in the group you will not have to pay to join.”

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CNN SL News – iReport or Be a Reporter

Finding my previous post item I wondered what CNN is up to now. Well, CNN provides a place for virtual world types to report on the things they find. Now that is cool. They probably don’t want to pay a report to cover our worlds but at least they will let us do it. And who better could do it?

So, if you aspire to be a writer/reporter/journalist, check out iReport or visit CNN in world. You can learn how to be a reporter and file stories on iReport. Cool. I think the world needs more good reporters. Professional Journalists seem to be a bunch of lazy slime bags with no connection to RL… is that PC enough? Whatever, it’s time the people took back their countries and out the corrupt and abusive politicians and scam artists. Obviously the current main stream media reports have no clue. They certainly have no clue about the politics and abuses in virtual worlds or the directions they are taking.

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