Another Part of the Steam Puzzle

We have all heard that SL is coming to Steam. We have some sort of lame reasons for why that is good for Steam and Linden Lab. But, a new thing is coming from Steam. See Erik Kain’s: Why Valve’s ‘Steam Box’ PC-Console Will Be A Game Changer.

It seems Steam is introducing its own game console. O.O

Think about that. If Steam’s console is as much of a game changer as Erik thinks it will be, Second Life will be very well placed to gain users. Sort of makes me wonder if the Lab knew this was coming.

Check out Erik’s article and see what you think.


Valve-Steam and Second Life

With coming presence of Second Life™ on Steam™ gaming several possibilities open up. Probably just as many questions come up too. It is too early to know how Valve™ and Linden Lab™ are going implement the union. But, people in general are interested in what Value is doing and thinking.

Valve’s Steam

An article I came across this morning is: Can Valve Go Beyond Gimmicks With Its Gaming Goggles And Wearable Computing? The opening paragraph is what caught my interest.

Virtual reality and the quest for the perfect controller are the stuff of science fiction, but in reality traditional controllers work perfectly well for gaming. Much more exciting than wearable computing is the possibility of a Steam Box.

A good virtual reality controller for Second Life would be great. Has this been in the works for awhile? Is this some part of plan? I suppose it could be… or not.

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