Another Part of the Steam Puzzle

We have all heard that SL is coming to Steam. We have some sort of lame reasons for why that is good for Steam and Linden Lab. But, a new thing is coming from Steam. See Erik Kain’s: Why Valve’s ‘Steam Box’ PC-Console Will Be A Game Changer.

It seems Steam is introducing its own game console. O.O

Think about that. If Steam’s console is as much of a game changer as Erik thinks it will be, Second Life will be very well placed to gain users. Sort of makes me wonder if the Lab knew this was coming.

Check out Erik’s article and see what you think.


One thought on “Another Part of the Steam Puzzle

  1. They probably know already. I have been heard about this Steam “console” long time ago. Seems promissing and I am sure it will offer a good PC to play games at a very affordable price. We just can wait and see what happens. In any case, all ways of promoting SL is a benefit for everyone and I dont think it could have any negative impact at all.

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