Rod Humble Speech Released

In 2011 Rid Humble gave a keynote speech titled: Apocryphal Game Design Problems at the UC Santa Cruz meeting Inventing  the Future of Games. For whatever reason, the speech was just released on the Design 3 blog and popped in my news scanner. At least this is the first time I have come across the video.

Rod Humble at UC Santa Cruz 2011

Rod Humble at UC Santa Cruz 2011

I found this speech to be an interesting insight into Rod Humble. He has some interesting ideas on game design. Now that we are having a national debate in the US about mass killings and how to stop them, the viewpoints expressed in this speech should be well understood.

Transcribing audio is not a task I enjoy. Nor in this case would it do the topic justice to turn it into written document. The video provides the sense of timing and body language for the humor to come across and aids in placing comments in perspective. Still I’ll provide a summary to give you an idea of content and an index to the video because I suspect at some point I will want to refer back to parts of this speech.

The video runs 51 minutes. I found it worth the time to hear.  Continue reading

Second Life Rod Humble 2011 Keynote

Each year the CEO of Linden Lab addresses the residents on the future direction they plan to take Second Life. This year Rod Humble gave the address. I like to get the audio of the address and summarize the key points. I think people can read faster than most people can talk. Plus later when I need to remember what Rod said, I have a searchable summary of the address. So, here are the key points as I see and understand them.

If you want the bottom line, jump to my Summary at the end.

Rob Humble’s Keynote Address


The events and meetings are being streamed through The first meeting I went to, Future of Mesh, they changed the stream. We had to scramble to find the correct stream. In Rod’s keynote it was a bit easier. But, in both cases those attending in-world had problems. So, I suggest if you are planning to attend any of the meetings, watch via UStream in your browser. The URL’s are in the schedule. See: Also, the videos should be archived there.

The crowded regions were crashing my SLV 3.0.1 and Dolphin 2 viewers. Bummer.

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