San Antonio Church Shooting

This injustice brings up the ongoing gun control debate. Everyone wants to stop these acts of violence. But, to do that we need to know the cause of violence.

In the middle ages (1330 AD) when the Black death swept the world killing 60+% of the population the list of most of the preventives and cures were things we consider silly; Aromatherapy, Religion, Rotten Treacle, Live In a Sewer, Let Leeches Suck You Dry, Eat a Spoon of Crushed Emeralds, Wash Yourself With Urine, Smear Yourself With Human Poop, Rub Your Wounds With a Live Chicken, and Kill Jews.

However, they did come up with the idea of quarantine. Unfortunately, they did not understand fleas and rats also needed to be blocked.

Now we understand about bacterial and viral diseases and how they spread. So, we will most likely be able to control the current Madagascar outbreak of pneumonic plague, which is air born and can kill in 24 hours.

But, we obviously aren’t able to control the violence we are seeing in Las Vegas and San Antonio. Continue reading

American Gun Laws

For Americans these laws are highly controversial. The majority of Americans prefer to keep laws as they are. We see the problem as the failure of the Federal and State governments to enforce existing laws. The guns used in Paris and San Bernadino were illegal* guns. If the laws we have are not being enforced, what makes anyone think new laws will be enforced?

Europeans and Australians think the removal of guns in their countries has reduced crime. But, those people have not looked to see how crime reporting has changed. So, they are easily confused by reports showing crime is down and other reports showing crime is up. The path to clarity is in looking at how those writing the reports count crimes and label what they are reporting. (UK now the most violent country in Europe.)  Continue reading