San Antonio Church Shooting

A Solution

While we each decide what the cause is the real challenge is deciding what to do about it.

Whether evil is an aspect of the human mind or a Satanic influence isn’t really the question. The question is what can we do about evil?

If you are religious, prayer and following your spiritual directives is your answer. But, what do you do when an evil walks in the door of your church, mosque, or temple and starts shooting?

If this is a problem with the human mind, how do we control minds? And who are you willing to trust to control your mind? Think Venezuela and a starving population disarmed and enslaved by a despotic socialist dictatorship.

How do we control 7+ billion minds? Can we trust a government to handle it? I challenge you to show me a government without massive corruption and incompetence. Imagine some idiot you know getting the job of controlling your mind? Imagine you are a healthy, sexy woman and a Weinstein gets the job.

What do you do when the police are 5 minutes away and a shooter walks into a theater and starts shooting?

The only person you can absolutely trust is yourself. You will look out for your best interests and you can decide what is in your best interest.

If you are looking out for yourself, the challenge is how does one protect their self from evil?

We each have to be responsible for our own and our family’s protection. Trusting a government with agenda driven, incompetent politicians that generally ignore our interests is foolish.

In San Antonio, a good guy with a gun stopped the massacre. If a couple of people in the ‘gun free’ church had been armed, the shooter could have most likely been stopped sooner. We the people individually do a far better job of anything than a bureaucracy.

Gun free zones are a problem. Unarmed people die when at the mercy of an evil without mercy.


Guns are not the issue. We are not defending ourselves against guns. It is evil we must defend against. Whether evil is carrying a gun, manchette, ax, knife, or driving a car, truck, plane, or planting a bomb… we have to be able to defend ourselves for 5 to 10 minutes, often longer. Hopefully, in 5 to 10 minutes we’ll have the help of other well-armed good guys.

The often-used definition of insanity is repeating the same ineffective behavior over and over while expecting a different result.

Since gun laws enforced by incompetent bureaucracies are proving ineffective, why are Democrats and the Left screaming for more laws?

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    There is no significant increase in “crime against the person” in Australia. Despite a large intake of refugees and a massive drug problem ( amphetamines ), crime rates per head of population remain low. It is notable that since the gun amnesty following the Port Arthur Massacre, there has not been a single mass shooting in Australia, as defined by more than four victims in a single event. That is Zero – in over a 20 years.


    Quite the contrast.

    Don’t believe me? Come and visit! I assure you that you won’t need to bring a gun to feel safe here. Australia isn’t a crime free paradise, but It is nice to visit a place where you don’t have to worry if every punk with an attitude has a pistol in his pants. Knives were a problem, but guess what? It is illegal to sell a knife to a minor….yep even a butter knife, and carrying that same butter knife in your pocket can land you in trouble with the law.

    Crocodile Dundee my ass!

    I’m not going to tell Americans what to do about what clearly is a very American problem, I don’t know the answer but I hope you figure something out, it would be awesome! And yeah I agree, what you are doing now is not really working, whatever that is….Unless of course the situation would be much worse with no gun laws at all in the USA. Hate to imagine that particular scenario.

    Please cut the bullshit about Australia though, it’s ridiculous and makes people from Australia laugh.

    • You are ignoring how crime stats reporting has changed in Australia in the time period and the difference between “gun violence” and “violent crimes”.

  2. Here are the actual figures, collected by the University of Sydney: Unless you believe that covert government bodies have infiltrated and manipulated the figures to keep righteous patriots from owning automatic rifles. Maybe! Seems a lot of bother to go to though.

    But regardless, it’s still pretty safe here…

    Yeah, let’s see… I am in a city of 4 million. How many gunshot victims a year would you expect? Keep in mind there are gang wars going on.


    36 people shot out of 4 million. And THAT is considered by the locals to be a freaking scandal!

    And NOT ONE SINGLE mass shooting in a generation.

    Sure lots of people getting stabbed/jabbed/punched and run down by cars. But getting shot? Not around here. I’d bet Australia has just as many if not more psychotic killers per head then the USA though. All this beer and heat. More chance of being hacked to death by a jihadi with a kitchen knife than getting your head blown off by a deranged lunatic, so I will take my chances Down Under! Places Like Iceland are probably safer, a bit.

    Overall, It is very safe here, and the vast majority of Australians support the current restrictions on gun ownership.

    Ive been here on and off for over 15 years and I don’t know a single person who owns a gun, or would admit to owning a gun. If you told an Aussie you have a gun they’d probably wonder what the hell you need one for… it is a totally different attitude to many other cultures. But I wouldn’t expect people to get that unless they’ve been here.

    • Did you look to see what they are counting and how it is defined? – no doubt they changed. Digging out what changed is work. I believe they are counting on you not doing it and you just accepting what the media provides. They are never definitive about what over reporting is. It is clear the reporting methods have changed to reduce the crime numbers. Governments spin to look good. Dig enough and you find the actual data on how crime is counted and how it is changing.

      So far, all the places I have looked at with strict gun control have increased overall violent crime rates. In Europe, the immigration issues have lead to false reporting of crime in the media and shifts in how the governments count crimes.

      Why do governments want to disarm law-abiding citizens? Why do you think you are safer without a strong way to defend your self and family? What do you do in that 5 – 10 minutes while the police come to your defense? And if one is in the outback, the hours until they arrive? In San Antonio, the Sutherland Springs church is likely in the >10 minutes response time area. I can’t find official response times.

      The point I was making above, is we cannot eliminate guns, especially in the US. But, even in Australia, you haven’t got them all. ( And any serious Jihadi can smuggle them in. How do you defend yourself?

      In Australia, good data shows there are more guns in the country than before the laws. – So, aren’t you living with a false sense of security?

      Since the criteria for mass-shooting has changed in Australia and a sensitivity to any shooting is politicized I suspect these types of shooting go under-reported.

      I am not convinced Australians are safer without guns. All the evidence I see says they are now mostly defenseless and only criminals have guns. One cannot rationally say an armed nut can’t walk into a theater in Australia and start shooting. It hasn’t happened in over a decade, but there have been shootings of multiple people. So, again what do you do when someone starts shooting and you and your family are in the room?

  3. Hi Nalates, first my Best wishes for the holiday season.

    I do appreciate you work.And the intellectual effort put forward in that post. And i would like to bring in the discussion your northern neighbour percpective with the following canadien web site reference.

    It is intéresting to look at the arm crimes on a global stand point in comparing USA. You can always argue about the numbers and there source or meaning . But strangly canadien stats are similar to australien one with about same arm controles in place. I am putty shure too that the same incitive exists in all countries to show nice numbers including usa. Seeing how far more USA lead on that subject is indicative I think..

    But my point is on an other footing. To me there is a foundamental society perspective when you look at these figures regardless . Either to live in a socity that feel safe cause it can kill an introder and a socity where you trust no intruder will come braking in you house to put your life on the line .

    Please dont shout the messanger…

    • Your thinking is valid on the numbers.

      But, the elimination of citizen owned firearms does not mean one will be safe from intruders intent on harming you. It only assures you will have less capability to protect yourself and family.

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