Get The Freight Out – HUD Update

GTFOGet The Freight Out has a new list of supported vehicles here:

GTFO is a freight hauling/shipping game popular in SL. They call it a logistics and exploration game for SL. I started playing because I wanted more challenges for flying my Sherwood helicopter that simulates an actual EC-135. Landing in all the strange places made for most SL helicopters is a challenge for anyone flying a Shergood machine.

Plus, I have found loads of interesting places. There is no way to see Second Life that is revealing or challenging as flying through SL.

GTFO Web Logo

The game’s server has been updated as in a new server… or at least a new database. My understanding is the list is updated and most of the new vehicles in SL. To add a vehicle that is not sold GTFO ready, you need the list to get the code you much add for the GTFO script to recognize the vehicles correctly. So, this is an important page to know about. It is sort of hidden… not deliberately hidden. Just the link is something you would come across when setting up GTFO. So, the link sort of only appears in context.

IMPORTANT: The GTFO HUDs must update to version 1.8.3 as of 12/27/2018. No earlier HUD works. The scripts in the vehicles are OK and need no change. Try redelivery at any in-world HUD distributor. If that fails, ask for help in the GTFO group. Continue reading