Drax Files Radio Show #16

Drax has radio show #16 out. Ciaran Laval has a quick summary of the show, not much detail. See: The Drax Files Radio Hour Episode 16 – Drax Meets The Lindens.

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

If you do not want to take an hour to listen to the show, below I have my take from listening. Of course with that you get my opinions and biases affecting what I heard. So, listen to the original audio if you take exception to something. Also, I skip a lot and just touch on what I found interesting.

01:15 – Drax is, I think, pretending to be amazed that the Lindens are people with the usual human traits; emotions, hard working, enthusiastic, their own ideas…

01:35 – 04:00 – the obligatory promotional section. SL Go, an OnLive app, is a new sponsor of the Drax Files Radio Show. If you have not heard of SL Go… where have been? This is an app that allows tablets (and my Android phone) and older computers to access Second Life™ or other high-end video games. Drax and Jo relate some excellent user cases for SL Go. At US$1/hour or $10/month for unlimited time, this is a great possibility for many people. Listen to this section if you have an interest in alternate ways to access SL.

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Drax Files Radio Hour #13

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

 Another show is out and I have time to listen and write about it. Ciaran and Daniel both have written about the latest show. I’ll try to add some more information to the topics.


This week’s show gets into SL Go and its recent price changes, US$9.95 per month for unlimited use. That is a pretty good deal. SL Go also connects to Steam. So, you can play high-end games on Steam using your tablets and other low end computers.

I think many OnLive users are very happy with the service. I am certainly impressed with it. A number of SL users have commented positively about it too. Continue reading

Drax Files Radio Show #11: The Road to VR

Drax Files Radio Show #11: The Road to VR. This audio is interesting in that 40+/- minutes are an interview with Ben Lang, who is doing the Road To VR blog, link the article near 20 minute index marker. I found it insightful and Ben

As always this synopsis is what I heard. Before reacting to anything written here, take the time to listen to the original audio of the show.

Time marks are approximate, but they should get you into the audio before the subject’s starting point.



Jo Yardley has her Oculus Rift. Yay! We should get some interesting reports from her. I suspect there will be some stuff that is NDA by the Linden Oculus Rift project, but hopefully she’ll still be able to tell us some of what the Lab is doing. Continue reading

Drax Radio #9

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

This show is mostly about the new service SL Go provided by OnLive™. Drax has been trying out the SL Go service on a tablet and in another scenario using the LEAP Motion controller. Check his site for a video on LEAP.

Drax Show #9 download – right-click.


Twitch is mentioned as going mobile (05:00+/-). It is another game streaming service, sort of. You can put or will be able to put your video captures of 3D game play on Twitch to show others. Provided game companies incorporate the features into their games as they are currently releasing a developers SDK.

They are thinking it will work by capturing the game play and optionally a  picture within a picture of you as you play from the front facing camera. For those that would like to promote Second Life™ or their Second Life products this seems an interesting possibility. Continue reading

Drax Radio Show #3

I just got around to listening to the show. I am writing this as I listen. I love that it is a fast paced show. But, that makes it hard for me to get all the details in.

The main  interview with Esteban Winsmore is annoying… well, it is Esteban that is annoying. Drax asks the pertinent questions, which a good interviewer does. It is obvious Esteban is just having fun with it.

There are some interesting discussions on Oculus Rift and augmented reality.


02:00 – Net Neutrality – Drax provides a link to an audio by Brooke Gladstone at On The Media, an NPR property. See: Net Neutrality and You. They are pointing out how Google controls our Internet experience now. I doubt many realize what Google is doing or how it limits information. Drax points out how Americans are not fighting for Net Neutrality, which is both a good and bad thing.  Continue reading

Drax Radio Show #2

The podcast was out early this morning. I wasn’t. This morning I have been playing with my new blog theme, which breaks my Dreamweaver. So, the podcast is a nice break from sorting out database changes and the WordPress foibles of setting up a local copy of a live site.

As always, what I write about the podcast is my take on things. So, listen to the podcast before flaming. You can listen to it or download it (nice addition to Drax’s blog) here: Drax Show #2 Osprey Therian. Drax links to a CNN article on Osprey. I think it would be nice if Osprey’s friends posted some comments on the December 2013 article.

I am not making any pretense of transcribing the audio. My comments are just that comments on what is said in the show. I’ll be clear when I make a quote.  Continue reading

Drax Files Radio Hour #1

Drax Files Radio

Drax Files Radio

 The first episode of the Drax Files Radio Hour is out. Yay!

The podcast is presented on the blog in an Adobe Flash Player. So, iPhone, Android, and other device users will run into a problem. But, the audio is in MP3 format. So, it is possible to listen on your device, if you know how to get the URL: Drax Download.

My Android gives me a choice to download or play the MP3 file. The Android player works fine with the MP3 file.

Torley Linden provides the introduction, way neat. I’ve always enjoyed Torley’s bubbly personality. This cast has primarily Drax and Jo along with excerpts from others interviewed by Drax. The web page provides a bit of an index to the audio podcast and a load of interesting related links. I’ve added time marks to my index.  Continue reading