#Second Life News Week 15

There is a little bit of breaking news today and a couple of good tips. I’ve rolled the server and viewer news together. the viewer news is mostly in regard to coming features and fixes.


The Runway Project Viewer is version 3-3-0-252906. This is the viewer being used to find the cause of Cloudy, Blurry, and Grey Avatars.

I asked Vir Linden about blurry avatars today. They have found a number of problems that cause it; caching, texture baking, texture pipeline, etc. They understand a number of the causes. They also have some causes they don’t have figured out and some cases are still unexplained. So, the problem is not yet completely diagnosed.

For those parts they understand, they are writing fixes. But, it looks like the problem will continue. Oz Linden expects it to take significant time to fix. That’s the impression I get listening to various Lindens in that circle.

The ‘invisible-avatar-on-two-monitors’ problem has been fixed. I’m not sure which viewer version the fix is in.

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