CHUI Moved to Beta

It is all over the place now. The new Chat Hub User Interface (CHUI) is now part of Linden Lab’s® Beta Viewer. That happen more quickly than I expected. Just the other day it hit the Development Viewer. So, if there are not a lot of JIRA’s filed I expect it to arrive in the main viewer quickly too.

Torley has a video out, without the friendly greetings, and the Lindens have made a blog post.

The video:

Torley does nice videos. Thanks Torley. This one is very handy. But, check out the Linden post for more details and to discuss the changes.

Ciaran Laval has an article up that explains a bit about the CHUI. See: Chui Hits Beta, LL Equip Their Flak Jackets. He is expecting them to get some blow back on the new user interface. That is a pretty safe bet that has nothing to do with the CHUI. It is a change and that draw flak.

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CHUI Project Viewer Update

Ciaran Laval has an article about the recent update to the Lab’s CHUI Project Viewer. (CHUI = Chat Hub User Interface) Checho out the article: CHUI Project Viewer Gets An Update.

There are some new features and a bit of a change in organization of the Hub. I think it is getting beyter.

One nice feature is the access to past conversations. I’ve been using Notepad++ and digging through the hard drive to pull up conversations and transcripts of user group meetings. While I find that easy and don’t really need the feature, this will make the chat histories available to new users and those not into hard disk geekdom.