Second Life & Sansar in the NEWS – Week 52-2

Second Life™ made it in the news this week.  PSFK ran an article titled: A Look Into a More Social Virtual Reality With the Makers of Second Life. This is an interview with Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab CEO, and Senior Director of Global Communications Peter Gray. While referencing Second Life most of the information is about Project Sansar.

Collage of all the wireframe images on the new Project Sansar login page, made by Ernst Dommershuijzen.

Collage of all the wireframe images on the new Project Sansar login page, made by Ernst Dommershuijzen

Both Ebbe and Peter think the social interaction in VR will be huge. While that is debatable, they have a lot of company.  Continue reading

What is: Second Life’s Lab Chat…

Tuesday, 11/10, the Lab posted Introducing Lab Chat – A New Q&A Show in Second Life.

It seems on November 19 @ 10:30 AM in the Linden Endowment for the Arts Theatre Ebbe Altberg/Linden, the Lab’s CEO, will meet with residents for a Q&A session. The Lab is proposing that this be a regular event. I suppose like the Linden Monthly Meet Up.



For many this is exciting. Ebbe can speak without inhibition. He is the one that decides what is confidential and what is ready for public consumption. So, we often get new information from him. He will be answering resident questions at this first Lab Chat. There is no word on whether or not he will be a regular participant, we can hope. Continue reading

Will Sansar be Photorealistic?

In Has it occurred to you what Project Sansar really is? I wrote about the latest Project Sansar® news. Now I see the site Road to VR has a story up about Project Sansar: First Glimpse of Linden Lab’s Next-gen Virtual World, Project Sansar. They suggest it may not be so photorealistic as a stylistic Halo type world.

Sunset Through the Arch at Voile

Sunset Through the Arch at Voile
Second Life

The peeps at Road are speculating from the latest image releases that Sansar will be a more ‘stylized’ than ‘photorealistic’ world.  They make a mistake in saying that ‘stylish’ and ‘beautiful’ are words not used in describing Second Life™. They obviously haven’t looked at the images in: MOST EXCELLENT SecondLife (some NSFW±) or Stunning Second Life Images (safer). It can be argued that many of the images in these Flickr groups have been Photoshop’d. But, are we sure the Lab didn’t Photoshop these images for dramatic affect? I can edit video to improve appearance… Ben Lang, the author of the article, says, Continue reading

Has it occurred to you what Project Sansar really is?

Daniel Voyager has an article about Project Sansar. Daniel has changed the look and feel of his blog. I thought my Feedly sent me to the wrong place… He points us to a couple of new bits out about Project Sansar®.

Nightfall Cities: Into the Wilds

Nightfall Cities: Into the Wilds
Is the grass big or the mouse and book small?

Ebbe Altberg talked about Project Sansar at the 2015 Web Summit. An audience member, Janne Juntunen, got a video of a video shown at the event. There is a 30 second clip  on TwitterContinue reading