Second Life: Photo Backlighting

If you have a Flickr account, you know how popular photography is in Second Life. So, photo-how-to’s are popular too. Then there are the peeps with a bit of exhibitionist in their blood posting in, How does your avatar look today?

Hamlet just posted an article with a couple of video tutorials on backlighting in Second Life. See Cassie’s Clips: How To Use Backlighting & Projectors.

Hamlet is featuring videos by Cassie Middles (Flickr URL). The video shows how to use Cynefin’s Projection Lighting Kit (L$650) (Video below). Mixed in is how to use your Windlight settings and adjust the sun to get the lighting you want.

Cassie also made a video showing how to use the resulting image and improve it. Below.

If you too suck at using the pen tool, check how Namanja’s Pen Tool tutorial. You’ll find Cassie is showing you how to do the things you see Natsumi Xenga doing in her videos. Natsumi is not doing a tutorial. Between the two of them, you should figure it out.

For some details missing from the earlier Cassie videos see:

Cassie says she will do a tutorial on how to make your own projection lights. If you are in a hurry, I made some projector lights to replace face lights some time ago. They are Mod-OK so you can take them apart and see how they are made. See Wearable Spotlight (L$50). Cynefin’s are nicer and have nice color textures included. Her’s can be attached as I did mine. That will let you move and have the light stay with you.

If you haven’t been through William Weaver’s tutorials on using Windlight in the Firestorm Viewer to light a scene, check them out.

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