Second Life Third-Party Dev Meeting

This week was a <15-minute meeting. So, not much news.

On the viewer front, there are no imminent updates. So, we likely won’t see any RC or Project viewers changing status this coming week.

All I ever wanted.

All I ever wanted.

The new server-side capabilities were deployed. The viewers haven’t been released. They are still being tweaked. The Abuse Report category change from built into the viewer to delivered by the servers hickuped. The Lindens left out the ‘localization’. Oops. English only. That is being fixed.

Bakes-On Project Viewer passed QA, Oz was unsure of when it was being released (ta-da: released 3/30). See the release notes.

BUG-215951Option to allow nearest neighbor on textured faces. The feature request was rejected. So, this is an example of what a definite Linden ‘no’ looks like.

I take it that some core functionality in the render engine would have to change and the Lindens don’t see an acceptable benefit ratio.

The Lindens are aware of an HTTPS problem for those scripting HTTPS data transfer. They plan to fix it, they just haven’t gotten there yet.

That is about it for the meeting. This link to the video leads to a very quiet meeting this week.

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