Infinite VR Corridor – Really!?!

Road to VR has an article and video up on how to fake an infinitely long corridor in VR. Some people have found a way to give the impression of walking in a straight line while actually walking in a circle.

This is pretty awesome. But, it also shows that VR developers have realized there is a space problem for VR. What they have requires a room bigger than 7m (20ft) x 5m (15ft). This is typical ‘small’ master bedroom size in America. 

In Japan they are moving toward micro homes and apartments.

This presents a problem for those interested in VR. Where do you get the room to play in VR? What happens if micro homes catch on world wide?

I wrote an earlier article titled Second Life VR Door Closed? It is mostly about the Lab discontinuing their Oculus Rift Project Viewer… well withdrawing the current viewer from downloads. It is still debatable whether they gave up on VR or not.

On the third page I get into the cost of having space for a VR setup. I’ve written about the problem before. But, on this page I have put numbers to the possible cost.

This is going to be a cost for those experimenting with VR now, developers and users. I believe someone out there will come up with a clever solution. It is one of the benefits of a free market. Hopefully some bright thinker will make their millions with a novel and creative solution. Unfortunately the solution hasn’t come to me… yet…

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