Second Life: Drax & Ebbe Interview

The Drax Files Radio Hour w/Jo Yardley is covering SVVR 2016 (Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference and Expo). Their first part of the coverage is out: show #114. (28 minutes audio) Check out the pictures there.

The new stuff is:

Currently still 100% Maya for creation

  • By opening they will support Blender and other modeling programs.
  • More details on in-world building
  • Edit mode is currently a single person environment
  • Multi-user collaborative building is being – will be added
  • Long discussion on what is creation
  • Discussion on business-friendship relation between Philip Rosedale and Ebbe Altberg.
  • More on identity and anonymity
  • Targeting/tracking only for how Sansar is used, not marketing
  • More detail on financial model
  • This fall avatars and clothes will be very limited Avatar 1.0 then by 2017 Avatar 5.0

Lots to learn. Drax asked the questions to pull more details from Ebbe. Worth the 30 minutes to hear.

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