Second Life in the News 2016 Week 18

Motherboard’s Why SL is still a Thing

(Link) Emanuel Maiberg, author, thinks Second Life is a shabby World of Warcraft… Really!?!

WoW 2015?

WoW 2015?

I have to wonder what part of SL Emanuel has been looking at…

On the beach...

On the beach…

The article points out several good reasons for SL having survived. Fair enough overall.

Quote: “Indeed, the most surprising thing about Second Life is not that it’s still a thing, but that 13 years after its inception, it is still way ahead of its time.

1920’s Berlin

Kill Screen, a video game arts and culture company foundered by a former WJ culture reporter Maddi Chilton, posted an article titled: You Can Visit an Historically Accurate 1920s Berlin in Second Life. [sic] It shows of the video by Pepa Cometa and a number of photos of 1920’s Berlin.

It is mentioned that Jo Yardley, 1920’s creator, is doing a reenactment of the 1929 May Day Riots.

I think this quote gives one an idea of Maddi’s perception of Second Life™, “One well-crafted simulation doesn’t cancel out all of the bizarre and terrible things that go in in Second Life, but it’s still a strong vote in its favor.” May be I should contact Maddi and point her to a news site covering the ISIS atrocities or photo coverage of San Francisco street events. SL is mild compared to RL.

In defense, Maddi covers a lot of ground. Not everything can be done in depth.

Second Life and Making Money

A series of articles is popping up in Feedly and Google/Yahoo about making money in Second Life. It is spam. Most of the links lead back to a single site. I’ll describe it as a big add for Internet novices that don’t know any better. So, when you see “Best Way to make Money in Second Life”, save yourself a click.

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