Firestorm Viewer News Week 14

There are several bits of news out from the Firestorm Development team.



RLV – Jessica Lyon gives us some history on the development of the RLV code. (See: RLVa) Marine Kelly is the author and developer of RLV and RLVa code for all third party viewers. Plus having a RL job she is having health issues making it difficult to sit and develop RLV for new viewer versions.

Recently Kitty updated RLV for her Catznip Viewer. Firestorm uses a derivative of RLV called RLVa, as do most third party viewers. Kelly has not been able to add the updates to RLV to the RLVa code needed by Firestorm. She plans to do that work in the near future. Jessica hopes to have an update to RLVa included in the next release of Firestorm.

This means the Catznip viewer is one of the few most up to date viewers for RLV and will be for a couple of more months. Cool VL Viewer (v1.26.16.15 then and now v1.26.19.1 with Bento support) updated its RLV in mid-March. So, I think these two are on par RLV-wise.

My TV Don’t Works…

Another problem that Firestorm users are having is their in-world TV’s don’t work with version 4.7.7. A bunch of these TV’s depend on Adobe Flash Player to work. The recent change from Webkit to CEF has disabled Flash. So, you have to go to Adobe and get a plugin and install it to get this older tech working again. (If you don’t know about Webkit and CEF, type those terms into the search feature in the right0hand column.)

See if the maker of your TV is going to update the unit. If so, avoid installing Flash. Otherwise… Instructions for getting and installing the plugin are here: TV not Working in Firestorm Viewer.

Blocking Version 4.6.9

The Firestorm Team only allows 3 older versions to be running at same time. For sometime they have put off blocking version 4.6.9. Now it is time to block version 4.6.9. This will impact people using Windows XP, as new versions will NOT install on Windows XP.

Jessica relates the facts of viewer life in: Today we have to block version 4.6.9. No one is supporting Windows XP. Deal with it. I sympathize with you… but bite the bullet and update.

6 thoughts on “Firestorm Viewer News Week 14

  1. Highly recommends uninstalling Flash player from PC completely. Much less concerned about said TV though.

  2. Quick correction. Marine Kelley develops RLV which is used in the RL Viewer and Kokua – and possibly others I’m not familiar with. As far as I know she’s in robust health, though based on a series of photos on Deviant Art she’s in a bit of a pickle 🙂

    Kitty Barnett develops the RLVa library which is used in many TPVs including Firestorm. Kitty’s on the mend from some health issues but last time we spoke she was working on the new RLVa code.

    Kinksters throughout SL wait eagerly 🙂

  3. Further correction to the post….RLVa is not used by more TPV’s than RLV is by currently- developed-for-SL desktop viewers as their are 4 TPV’s for RLV (Restrained Love Viewer, Cool VL Viewer, UKanDo Viewer, Kokua Viewer) and 4 TPV’s for RLVa (Firestorm Viewer, Black Dragon Viewer, Alchemy Viewer, Catznip Viewer). Singularity Viewer and CntrlAlt Studio Viewers are no longer being developed for SL (Singularity Viewer is now only being developed further for OpenSim, and CntrlAltStudio Viewer latest contributions was for High Fidelity and uses the now blocked version of Firestorm Viewer for it’s base, which may or may not be blocked by LL in the future).

    It would be correct to say that the majority of SL Users not using the LL Viewer are using a viewer that supports RLVa, however.

    I would also like to point out that Jessica’s post about the trouble with RLV (or as some like to say, the history of RLV) is somewhat flawed. At the time that RLV was first created by Marine Kelley (not Kelly), it used the GPL license and was vigorously defended by Marine so that it didn’t conflict with that license (she has been making RLV longer than Firestorm Viewer has been in existence). But still, the developers of the Emerald Viewer, which the Firestorm Viewer and Catznip Viewer is associated with, decided they wanted to have an RLV alternative so they didn’t have to follow the GPL license’s enforcement, which would have necessitated they issue their own viewer under the GPL license. Marine has recently acknowledged that the GPL license may not be open enough for the RLV code distribution and has changed it to the LGPL license.

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