AvaStar Base Pose Change

With Project Bento in the works I expect lots of changes in AvaStar. Machinimatrix has announce a change in AvaStar 2.0.6. See: Avastar-2: Bind to Pose Operator.

I generally find these privacy settings annoying. I consider this change in AvaStar a promotional advantage, so I think you would want the information to get wide coverage.

4 thoughts on “AvaStar Base Pose Change

  1. Privacy settings usually prevent me from seeing cats being cute on the Internets. It’s annoying, but can be dealt with. This just makes it harder for the word to get out about a product improvement, wish it were otherwise.

  2. In the comments above i read that it is possible to export a rigged mesh for Second Life with any Bind Pose. However we had always the impression that the SL Importer can upload rigged mesh without Joint Positions only when the rig’s restpose is the T-Pose.

    Are we wrong with that assumption? If so, is there any example collada file that can be uploaded to SL without joint positions and that does not use the T-Pose?

  3. The reason why we do not like to embed the videos outside of their context is not because of any promotional advantage or disadvantage. It is just so that when a video tutorial gets embedded outside of its context, then things might no longer work as intended.

    For example the video above actually tells the users to download a blend file (which is expected to be located below the video). In the context of this Blog the blend file does not exist and so the video apparently lies…

    Anyways we have enabled blog.nalates.net for embedding the video, so it now appears here as well.

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