Viewer Update Week 50

Second Life 3.8.6-305981 – Main Viewer – Or formerly the Notifications Viewer

My viewer: Second Life 3.8.7 (306758) Oct 27 _ When I mention viewer problems or issues while writing about other topics over the past couple of weeks, this is the viewer I am most likely using.

The Forgotten Sanctuary

The Forgotten Sanctuary

You may be noticing NVIDIA problems where the viewer has mini freezes, computer freezes, black screens, and video driver resets. As best I can tell, these problems are not solely viewer issues. I have run into the same thing with Word, Chrome, Vivaldi, and other programs. You’ll find a number of threads in other gaming forums discussing problems with NVIDIA crashing and restarting. (Reference

I have also noticed a series of updates to my NIVIDIA drivers. I suspect NVIDIA is updating for Windows 10 and my Windows 7 system is suffering.

I figure I need a day or so to update to Windows 10. I’m assuming I’ll have various problems with software I use and may need to revert to Win7. With my current work load I just haven’t had a day or so I can be without my work computer.

RC and Project Viewers

The RC’s are viewers the Lab thinks are ready for release as the main viewer. As an RC they get more testing on a wider range of equipment. Additional problems are often found and fixed while the viewer is in RC status. Problems revealed at this stage block promotion to main viewer.

Second Life HTTP update Viewer version – Release Notes:

This viewer release is a complete replacement of the under the hood HTTP infrastructure. It provides improved performance and stability by replacing the self deleting responders with coroutine implementations. These coroutines also provide a finer grained concurrency allowing the Viewer greater control over the numbers and types of HTTP requests that can be simultaneously outstanding. This release also removes a considerable amount of deprecated and unused code from the viewer.

These changes impact all areas of the viewer that use Sim Capabilities. A nonexhaustive list includes:

  • Asset upload (Images, Meshes, Animations)
  • AISv3 inventory manipulation
  • Viewer Managed Marketplace
  • Simhost event polling
  • LSL script compilation
  • Experience management (blocking, allowing, creating)

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – Release Notes:

A collection of a couple of dozen bugfixes, crashfixes, performance improvements, and a milkshake. (Release Notes provide a more detailed list of fixes and additions.)

Known Bug: Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.

Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This viewer has the feature for saving sets of graphics settings and changing quickly between them. It also is the viewer that has the Avatar Complexity Features.

Second Life Valhalla Viewer version – Release Notes:

This long-awaited project replaces the aging LLQTWebKit system used in the Web media plugin with a shiny new one based on the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) that supports modern web technologies. In fact, we think this is such a big deal that we’re cranking the Viewer version number to 4.0.0.

See a bug? If you don’t see it filed already – file a Jira! We look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

Second Life Vivox Viewer version – Release Notes:

This corrects a number of Voice quality and connection issues on both Windows and the Mac. If you are having any difficulties with voice, please try this viewer and let us know if this does not help by filing a Jira. Be sure to include the version number for this viewer in your report (because any voice issues that don’t will just be asked to try this viewer).

Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – Poor neglected viewer… L Until Oculus Rift releases this viewer will get little attention. Few people have VR HMD and few of those people are in Second Life, so the Lab continues to focus on the larger user base ahead of this viewer.


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