Wayward Peaks Halloween

There are a lot of interesting places in Second Life™. Dolls and Demons, love the pictures, has an article up about a Gotcha Event: Hanging With The Bad Boys. Checking out the regions mentioned I came across Wayward Peaks. It is an awesome Gotcha event. There are Gotcha vendors are all over the region. So, you’ll be exploring.

Do you believe in Angels? *FGC Nov 2015*

Go to AllesIst Klaar’s photostream – Image by AllesIst – Outfit @ her blog

The region is full of mesh. Much of it has poor LoD modeling. If you have set your RenderVolumeLODFactor set to 4, a bad move, you won’t notice. Using 1.125 I noticed. At 1.125 you have to be close to things for them to look right. But, in general the place is interesting. 

There will be a Halloween Party there the 29th @ noon and 7PM.

I had to abandon using Firestorm in the region. I ended up using Alchemy, much better FPS and no black screens. I did have texture thrashing after 30 minutes or so. Textures were a bit slow downloading. I also tried KanDo for Wayward Peak. It gave up. It mostly stayed in single digit FPS. Even after letting everything rez. But, the area search in KanDo is way handy.

I wanted the romper in the photo. I had to chase it down. I thought it would be in Wayward. If it is, I missed it. But, it was a fun hunt. There is so much fun stuff there. I loved all the pumpkins and odd ball creatures. The romper wasn’t at the Pastel Goth Fair either. I did find the pastel version of the romper in Sand Dunes. Now if they just have a size that fits…

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