Viewer Update – Quick Graphics

We have a new release of the Project Viewer version that came out last Thursday. I saw it update my install when I went into SL this morning. This version apparently has some fixes that improve performance. Or it may just be that debug code has been removed. Whatever, I get way faster frame rates.

A number of bugs with Avatar Complexity have been fixed according to the release notes.

I am finding that most of my Jelly Babies come from high KB values, bytes of attachments. Setting my Complexity to MAX means something else triggers Jelly Baby render. KB triggers the Jelly Baby render just under 10,000KB. The default setting is 10,000,000b in Debug Settings’ RenderAutoMuteByteLimit. But, a 9.8mb avatar went Jelly Baby. Complexity was 98,000± with 29m2. So, I am wondering if there is some computation involved.

I’ve seen some ridiculous avatars in the new visitor hubs: Complexity 184,000, 33m2, and 341,000kb…

This viewer version is a bit more stable. If you have been wanting to try it, go for it now. It still sucks up memory and I clear it when the viewer starts slowing down. It takes longer to fill up memory now. I have used the viewer to visit new user landing areas with lots of people for about an hour and not crashed. I think I only cleared memory twice (using System Explorer – Free program)

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