Slink Male Body Released

Mesh Body Addicts has a post on the new Slink male body.  See: SLink Male Body is OUT & the new MBA Sim! Expect a MBA review soon. Slink’s announcement is here: The Slink Physique Male is now @ Slink.

New Slink Male Body - Sept 2015

New Slink Male Body – Sept 2015 – Its Hot…

With the release of this body comes support for Omega Appliers. They say,

With this body I have introduced Omega support. This means you will need to purchase the Slink activator from the Love -n- Lust Designs marketplace store and use it with your Physique body and your Omega HUD.

If you have male hands and/or feet there is an update. Go to the store and get updated. The change is they now use Omega appliers.

Many Slink items for males are discounted until September 18th. Visit the store to see those.

One thought on “Slink Male Body Released

  1. I am someone who is very… “individual” with his of body. I look like an overweight, chubby, hairy and pale guy. Thats why shopping for skins is a royal nightmare for me and so is mesh clothing. That being said, I was positively surprised by this body as it is not made to look like a six pack toting surfer dude and comes with sufficient chest hair. I am still not gonna use it as the whole process of hiding body parts to wear clothes feels just clumsy and inprecise to me.

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