Justin Clark-Casey

If you play in OpenSim you probably know this name or, at least, you should. Justin is one of the movers and shakers in the OpenSim community. Hypergrid Business ran an article on his taking a new job that will require enough of his time he is relinquishing most of his OpenSim duties.

He will be missed. See: Admired leader leaves OpenSim for bio research.

One thought on “Justin Clark-Casey

  1. I would like to salute too the immense and inestimeable work done by JustinCC on opensim project. His participation in the worldwide trend opensourcing will likely inspire others and provide them with the springboard they need to push their projects even further.

    I would like to highlight here one of his renouned creation in the name of IAR and OAR . For those of your readers not familiar with these terms . Imagine Excel without xls files or Word without doc and you have SL without IAR / OAR . Opensource , OpenSim project, offers to its 3d creators, thanks to JustinCC, a way to save there complete region wide work (OAR) and their avatar inventory (IAR ) in a file format he created so it can be retrieaved at will .

    For anyone insterest to know more about JustinCC contribution to opensim please visit his blog at http://justincc.org/blog/

    Thank you very much Mister Clark-Casey.

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