Thought Controlled Elections

Many of my friends and acquaintances in Second Life™ are liberals, socialists, and/or Democrats. I often wonder how that is possible. Communists and socialists have killed more of their citizens and become dictatorships more often than any other political system (look it up). Minorities support the Democrat Party, but it is the party promoting and clinging to separation of economic class, races, sexual orientations, religions, and even recently calling for racial segregation in K-12 schools. (Reference, reference) It was the party of the KKK and a number of famous Democrat politians have been members of the klan. How are these incongruities possible?



A basic truism is united we stand, divided we fall. Thousands of years of history show the validity of the truism. But, every place I look the Democrat party, socialists, liberal organizations, and of course anarchists and radicals are striving to dividing us. But why do so few notice?  The old definition of thought control still mostly in use today is: (Merriam-Webster)

1 :  the practice by a totalitarian government of attempting (as by propaganda) to prevent subversive and other undesired ideas from being received and competing in the minds of the people with the official ideology and policies

2 :  the use by a group or institution of authoritarian techniques similar in nature and purpose to governmental thought control

Today’s efforts at thought control are more sophisticated and subtle. How we think of ‘authoritarian’ also probably needs to change as used in this definition. The use of the words authoritarian and totalitarian leads many, I think, to think of the older style of control, ala Tiananmen Square. Today thought control is much more sophisticated.

I suspect most people are unaware of how the media is used to condition us and control how we think. Even fewer are aware of how the Internet is being used to influence us in ways many would concede is thought control. We deal with an amazing barrage of daily conditioning and influences fitting the newer definition of thought control.

A subtle example of this is: you hear your phone ring or call tone sound and you answer. Normal. Nothing forced on you. However, it is conditioning. Consider what happened to your thoughts when the phone rang. For most of us it is a drastic change.

A marketing person can take advantage of this learned behavior  in a television commercial. You almost hear a phone ring… your attention shifts from whatever you were doing to more sharply focus to decide who’s phone it is. It is a triggered behavior. In that moment there is a MUCH better chance you will notice the commercial and have cleared your thinking to analyze what is going on. It is an ideal moment to plant a thought. But, you may not even consciously notice the background ring. Yet your attention is still likely to shift on a subconscious level. The psychology used in marketing is advanced and subtle. If you are not looking for it, you may not notice it and that is the point.

We are finding more and more thought control being done via the Internet. In most cases it is a matter of repeating, coloring, biasing, or omitting information you receive in invisible ways.

Google is the world’s top search engine and it is privately owned. Google censors its content by omitting things from its search results or placing things ahead of other things in the results. See: CNN’s: Google: The reluctant censor of the Internet.  Since this is about thought control consider that title. Remove the word ‘reluctant’ from the title and the tone you expect from the article changes. Being aware of where information changes to opinion is key in understanding subtle thought control. Consider how you would change your expectation of what the article is about if the word joyful were used in place of reluctant. Also, check out the Huffington Post’s articles on Google Censorship. There is no room to question whether Google censors content or not. They do and they even publish an annual list/report of the content governments have required they remove.

In November 2014 Google was taken to court for censoring search results. See: Search Results Are Free Speech: Why is Google Censoring Them? The court saw Google as a private entity entitled to free speech. They can show the results or not show some however they choose as a matter of free speech. So, there is no doubt Google has the right to show whatever THEY WANT to show in the search results page. If you review any of the case files, you’ll see there is no effort on Google’s part to deny they were/are censoring.

But, Google not only censors what we see for legal reasons, they shape the results based on our previous searches and their business interests… that’s Google’s business interests. A study in July 2015 funded in part by the YELP Data Science Team and others covers some specific Google practices in detail. You can see what YELP was complaining about just by doing a search using the phrase: coffee shop near me. The top results will likely be from Google+. YELP and others think this is ‘unfair’, never mind that they do similar things with their search results. But, since Google is NOT a publicly owned government agency fairness is NOT a consideration. The rights of Google as a private entity/citizen are all that matter.

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9 thoughts on “Thought Controlled Elections

  1. Eh, just out of curiosity, which socialist contries have murdered their own citizens?

    I live in Scandinavia btw.

    • Start with Germany under Hitler, head of the National Socialist Party. Rwanda… or Google.

      You could join the debate about whether Stalin was a communist or a socialist or just a dictator. The same with Mao in China. Any system that requires a strong central government to function eventually leads to the use of force.

  2. I doubt very much a socialistic democracy would lead the states to become communist russia or hitler nazi germany.

    In Scandinavia we’ve had socialistic democracy the last 100 years and we are amongst the countries with least corruption and crime. I’m not saying its the only way, just that often politicians tries to paint a picture where socialism = communism, which is proveganda as well.

    • Scandinavian businesses are mostly free from regulation, nationalization and protectionism… free enterprises. Scandinavian countries rank higher than the US in business freedom, monetary freedom, investment freedom, financial freedom, property freedom and freedom from corruption. That is not really a socialist style system. Scandinavian countries have high taxes and cradle to grave care, as do socialist countries. But, that doesn’t make them socialist forms of governments.

      The living standard in socialist countries and the Scandinavian countries is consistently lower than those of free enterprise/market, low tax countries. A study by Swedish group Timbro compared the GDP of various European Union nations to those of individual states in the United States.

      So, I agree Scandinavian countries are not likely to go full totalitarian and start practicing democide. But, they aren’t really socialist countries except in name.

      • Well if that is the definition then I agree with you, but when I hear talks of socialism in the states, its looking towards the scandinavian model and not russia etc. no?

        • In the USA there is far more going on than just the citizens deciding how our government should work. Russia, China, Muslims, and others are working within the country to break the country to advance their particular agendas. The majority of the citizens are for neoliberal ideas of freedom, small government, individual responsibility, and personal financial independence.

          So, it is highly debatable whether the goal is mix of economic freedom with strong central government taxing citizens into near poverty as the government wastes citizens’ money or is moving toward the even more totalitarian true socialist model that eventually leads to democide.

          Knowing the basic plans laid out by Stalin and others for taking over democracies I think the big players are looking to the true socialist model. It is those steps being followed. Many citizens supporting socialist ideologies are likely thinking the Scandinavian model is the direction they are headed. Sort of Lenin’s useful fools.

  3. 1. The Southern Democrats turned Republican after the passage of the 1965 Voting Act.

    2. Don’t associate with anything that contains advertising (see Madison Avenue)

    3. Don’t mistake the puppets for the theater owner.

    Carry On!

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