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If you are running Windows 7 or 8 you are likely getting popups telling you can upgrade to Windows 10. It was released this month, August. Personally I’m waiting to update my office machine. I am assuming my Adobe products that just updated to CC 15.1 will work well with Win 10. But, just in case…



I’ll be changing my Win 8.1 laptop this week. I’ll play with Win 10 on it and see how that goes. I don’t use the laptop often and should probably sell it. But, it can serve as a guinea pig for Win 10. 

Kirk Skaugen, an Intel employee – senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group (CCG) at Intel Corporation, in talking about Windows 10 and Intel  in an article titled Intel + Windows 10 = Better than Ever said:

“Hundreds of millions of people who are accustomed to the performance and experiences of their 5 year old computer will want to take a second look at their machine. New computers, powered by the 5th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, run the latest software and apps, offer 3 times the battery life, are 10 times better when it comes to gaming, and are almost half as thin and light compared to those older computers. Those old PCs just aren’t capable of delivering the experiences that can help people and businesses run more effectively, efficiently and intuitively. To add to that, system prices have been steadily on the decline even with the addition of a broad set of new features, making this the best time to buy a new device , ever.”

I figure a good part of that is marketing talk and hype. But, older computers are going to be lagging compared to the 5th gen CPU’s Intel is making now. Technology is advancing and CPU’s are getting better and cheaper. Because of smartphones and tablets there is even more competition for Intel. So, the prices are dropping.

For Second Life users older computers will likely get us by. But, my Quad Core Duo is looking pretty old. It and my NVIDIA 560GTX are showing some gray. I am looking at video cards, motherboards and CPU’s as I plan to upgrade soon.

But, when to upgrade? Is it now like Skaugen says? May be. For me good performance in Project Sansar is more import. I want VR and without simulator sickness (lag is a cause). I assume Ebbe has the Lab looking a hardware generation a head. But, they will want to support most of the Second Life users, so that means most of that can run Second Life reasonably well will be able to run Sansar.

Those upgrading to Win 10 and running Second Life are only having minor problems and only a few of them. According to what I’ve seen in the forum and what the Firestorm support people say there are only about 3 common problems and there are known fixes for those. See: Windows 10 Issues. (Bookmark that link as the wiki search doesn’t return that page.) So, from a will-SL-run perspective there is no reason to wait.

If you run any special software, like Adobe’s CC collection or Nero or whatever, that you depend on, Google it and Win 10 to see if people are having problems.

7 thoughts on “Windows 10 is Here

  1. Adobe CC 15 still works as a charm in Windows 10 (as well as SL viewer current release). Upgrade process ran in less then 25 minutes on my Alienware Aurora R4. Lots of cool shortcuts for multi-display to discover 🙂

  2. Please be aware that Win10 sends all the following information by default to Microsoft: all websites you visit, your browser history, your location, installed software, the time you use your machine, your calendar, your contact list and the content of your word documents, emails etc., the latter to optimize Cortana, who also listens to every word spoken close to your computer. Also sent are your passwords, including the Wifi password, so your friends can be given access to your network (and when needed certain government agencies).
    The solution: Use Linux;)

    • Agreed, by default W10 is basically spyware. You can, however, turn all or most of those “features” off in Settings.
      It also comes with several preinstalled games that can only be played on a touch screen.
      OH, and if you are upgrading a laptop it will decide that you really don’t want to use that fancy graphics card, intel graphics are good enough (in my case fixed by changing default graphics in the Nvidia control panel)
      Each of my 4 computers has presented a different adventure and it is not over yet, do not expect it to be as simple as they say.

  3. Windows 10 have other problem you see especially in mouselook i use much. the cursor don’t stop moving so you cam keep moving to and you need to steer the other direction.

    Am disappointed about windows 10 lot’s of privacy / Security settings are default configured dangerous. lucky mot you can change.

    Bigger problem is windows update. default it’s using YOUR upload to distribute updates to other users. Bigger problem, especially for home users. the push you updates to your system, if you want or not. with pro you can try to change some settings. but that also works so far not as good as windows 7 & 8. I like to have control on the updates that get installed and also like to know what get installed. So far it’s complete hidden in clouds.

    Other problem is that the removed more configuration updates. windows 8 where already problematic. but windows 10 is beating all windows version with the lack off options.

    Not sure if windows 10 stay on my system.

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