Who’s number is on the bathroom wall?

For this reason the open source High Fidelity may be the virtual world with the most freedom. As it is now the Lindens have left much of the virtual world free, unconstrained. People complain about freedom and consistently want the Lab to do something or impose some rule. Does Hamlet think Sansar should be sex free?

Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted – by Gemma Theron @ Flickr

People fail to realize how fascist they are when taking positions where they request a new rule/law or work to impose their ideas on others. Each new law is a loss of freedom. Is Second Life’s reputation so bad we need to give up more freedoms to try and repair it? Especially when we can’t even figure out and agree on what the reputation is or how important or wide spread it is?

Postscript: What I Found



In HOT: 24 per links page…  3 that weakly related to sex…  12.5%…

In NEW: Same as HOT.

In CONTROVERSIAL: 6 total and 2 related to sex, the same two seen above.

I would have to do some research, but it looks like this section of Reddit gets about 5 to 10 posts per day. I stopped using Reddit about a year ago because there just wasn’t much going on there.

The link to the Millionaire Post.


…can’t find any references to sex here…


Most of this stuff is a year or more old.

Other sections

…can’t find much of anything.

3 thoughts on “Who’s number is on the bathroom wall?

  1. Why does Hamlet deserve one second of reflection?

    Big deal he used to work for LL, hundreds have.

    Page clicks need to be earned .

    My current Hillary favorite is that she says she used \one device\ when she used more and that she implies over and over you can only use one email account per device.

    Even a 95 year old in a nursing home who had to get a new email when they were buried in Viagra ads knows that is a crock.

    • lol… I like your post…

      Hamlet is widely read. The counter to misinformation is accurate information. The counter to Chicken Little is rational reasoning. Ignoring either allows it to stand and spread.

      Today I saw he is still on about the sex post being at the top of TIL… I’ll ignore this one because today I still don’t see the post when I open TIL and select ANY of the sorting options.

      Hamlet is generally reasonable and I enjoy his blog. He is neither a Chicken Little or inaccurate. He has always been helpful to me and grateful when I have helped him. He and I do not always agree. Somethings we see things differently and that is a good thing. In this case it is a matter of degree. That SL has a bad rep and is linked to sex and perversion is true. Hamlet considers that a bigger problem than I do, but he has not gone into a sky is falling mode. He states an opinion. I have pointed to his sources showing I’m not seeing the same level of problem in them. Hopefully people will take what we both say, check it out at the sources, and make an informed decision of their own.

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