Second Life: Firestorm Viewer Release Eminent

At the Third Party Developers’ meeting  Ed Merry man said that the Firestorm Development Team is planning to the next version of Firestorm in 10 days (from Friday’s TPD meeting)… May 3rd.

Avilion Nexus 2

Avilion Nexus 2 by Johannes1977 Resident, on Flickr

This release is about 6 months after the last release. The normal release schedule is a new version every 3 months. The way things have worked out, that hasn’t been possible for the Firestorm Team. 

For the last couple of weeks the Firestorm version has been in feature lock. That means they are getting what they have added working correctly and reliably. Nothing new will be added into this version after feature lock. Otherwise, they might never get a viewer out. During this lock-time more code has come out of Lab and been added to Linden Viewers and some other third party viewers.

As the FS Team is pushing to be current with the Linden viewer they pan to get the newest code into the Firestorm viewer as quickly as possible. That means this release will be followed quickly by another release.

What is quickly? I am pretty sure no one knows. In a general sense I suspect it is definitely less than 3 months. I am hoping it is within a month or 6 weeks.

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