Second Life: Viewer Updates Week 15

This week we got some new viewers and updates to existing ones.

Main Viewer

SL Main/Default Viewer: – Appeared: 3/06 – Adds the Avatar Hover Height Slider.

Winds of Change

Winds of Change by Emma Deelight, on Flickr

RC & Project Viewers

RC Maintenance Viewer version – Appeared: 4/8 – Long list of fixes – This viewer got an update from its previous It has performance fixes that make using it very nice to use. 

Project Big Bird Viewer version – Appeared: 4/1 – This project viewer has fixes for some attachment-related issues, particularly when multiple attachments are added or removed at the same time. It also has enhanced logging, so your SecondLife.log file will have some additional lines related to avatar state in general and attachments in particular.

  • MAINT-4351 HUDs and attachments intermittently and randomly detach after teleports, sometimes reattaching on their own shortly after, sometimes staying detached completely, or showing as “worn on Invalid Attachment Point” while still detached
  • MAINT-4653 [Attachment-RC] When using “Add” or “Attach to” to attach multiple attachments at the same time, some attachments fall off and some get attached to the wrong attachment point
  • MAINT-4917 Attaching multiple objects generates multiple bake requests
  • MAINT-4918 Removing multiple attachments generates redundant detach requests
  • MAINT-4919 Attempting to wear an outfit with more than 40 attachments will fail

This version is being used to track down avatar attachment problems. It also should fix some of these problems .

Dinner followed by tango at the Hotel Adlon in 1920s Berlin

Dinner followed by tango at the Hotel Adlon in 1920s Berlin by Jo Yardley, on Flickr

Project Layer Limits Viewer version – Appeared: 4/9 – No published release notes yet. Presumable they would be the same as the previous version – Appeared: 3/19 – changes the logic for what limits are enforced on clothing worn by avatars. Previously, we restricted avatars to 5 items per type of each type of removable clothing wearable such as shirts, pants, jackets, tattoos and alpha masks. With this viewer, we instead enforce a total limit of 60 wearables of all such types combined. So if you really want to you can wear 60 tattoos as long as you wear none of anything else. – These changes do not apply to body part wearables (skin, shape, hair, eyes), for which the limit is still one of each, and do not affect attachments, for which the limit is still 38 total.

We might see a new main viewer Monday…

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