Second Life Voice Fixes Coming

These fixes are coming next week. Vivox has new fixes and the Lab will be adding those into Second Life.

Volume Control

Volume Control

Oz says changes are, “there are assorted things about loading of empty lists at login, person to person calls avoid some not working messaging channel, a microphone test that lets you hear yourself when testing, microphone volume, fixes for device hot swapping, voice dot stops disappearing, and code clean up.”

All these Vivox changes are to be on the viewer side. So, I expect an RC Viewer.

There are individual volume controls on each avatar. Hover the cursor over an avatar with voice enabled and left-click the ‘I’ that comes up. You’ll see a slider so you can adjust volume.

Ed Merryman pointed out that on TP voice can be left behind. Your voice remains behind in the region you left. People in that region continue to hear you and you them. People around you in the destination region cannot hear you or you them. A relog is required to fix the problem. Oz says they fixed that in a recent viewer release. (STORM-2109) I haven’t figured out if it is one of the RC’s or has made it to the main viewer.

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