Second Life: Rez Failures & CDN Issues

Samual Wetherby posted about rez problems and CDN failures in the SL Forum: Rez Failures & CDN Issues during Peak SL times? 5:30pm SLT – 9pm ish? Nightly? In the last 24 hours few have read the post, about 50.

Hold On! This Is Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride!

Hold On! This Is Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride! by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies, on Flickr

CDN = Content Delivery Network, the idea here is to have a set of servers near you cache Second Life. You then fill your cache from the CDN cache. This means numerous servers all over the world are delivering content to users near them. Theoretically, this provides better service and faster rendering. Plus it takes a load off the Linden servers.

I have formed the opinion that from the Linden side looking at the stats, it looks like CDN is working well. From the users side, I’m not so sure. I’ve seen a lot slower rendering over the last couple of months. I can’t decide if things are getting better or worse. Some days, its good, some its bad.

There is usually a longer pause before things start rendering than in the past then BANG every things starts rendering. This is typical of a cold CDN cache. If the CDN server has to go to the Lab’s servers and refill its cache, I have to wait for all that stuff to download to them then I have to download it. So, there is the possibility for even slower downloads. Of course once the CDN cache is hot, wow! Things do download fast.

Samual is finding that during peak Internet hours his SL performance is consistently worse.

If you have comments about the process, add them to the forum post. If you have objective data showing performance issues, post that in the JIRA, use BUG-8767Lots of Fetching Failed only during peak SL Hours.

If you are trying to troubleshoot or find your connection issues, definitely read the JIRA report.

Peak SL hours are about 2-3 PM PT. Peak Internet use is around 3 peaks ET 11AM, 3PM, and 8PM…  Locally peak usage is from 7-11PM. With increasing business use high use of the Internet runs from 7AM to 11PM.

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  1. And it was closed:

    Kyle Linden added a comment – 26/Mar/15 2:32 PM
    Thank you all for your patience while we worked with our CDN provider to try and identify the specific issues you have reported.
    Unfortunately, the investigation has determined that the failed fetching is a problem with your ISP, Mediacom Cable. They have degraded service to the CDN nightly around the times of 5:30pm – 10pm EST. This could be due to congestion with the ISPs network. We were unable to find any underlying issues on our end. Please reach out to your ISP for further assistance.
    Thank you

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