Oculus Rift Update 2015 Week 13

Quoting from Tech Crunch’s quote of Oculus Chief Scientist Michael Abrash:

While previous versions of the Oculus Rift have required plugging in a separate set of headphones to get the “I’m encapsulated in a virtual space” feeling, the Crescent Bay prototype has its own pair built-in, and the company has said the consumer model will, as well. The Crescent Bay model I played with at CES earlier this year didn’t include features like noise cancellation, so there’s still obvious areas to improve on that aspect of the integrated experience over time.

Read more here: The Biggest Challenges Left In Virtual Reality, According To Oculus.

Samsung Gear VR Heads to More than 100 Best Buys

Seems Samsung is moving their Gear VR out to Best Buy stores for sale (US$199). They, Samsung, are still in beta mode, IMO. This is not the mass market roll out. See the story in Road to VR. But, it is a step to getting to retail release.


I’m not sure Samsung has the Next BIG Thing locked up, but I like their stuff.

2 thoughts on “Oculus Rift Update 2015 Week 13

  1. I hope oculus made the headset removeble. because i need to use my own microphone / headphone combination. If it’s not removeble oculus is bad.

    • My experience is as competition grows new types of products come in various configurations.

      The Oculus people are working to make their device as immersive as possible. From what they are saying I am thinking they are doing something to make sound directional. So, I am guessing they will build sound into the head set.

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