Second Life: Hover Adjustments

Lindal Kidd has an article up titled FLASH! Fine Hover Adjustments Return! Basically, she says Wow! Then points us to Inara’s blog where Inara has posted: Avatar Hover Height reaches release viewer. Inara is pointing out that the RC Hover Viewer version was promoted to the status of being the main/default viewer.


floating by Kannazuki Koba, on Flickr

Fortunately Inara covers how to use the feature and a bit of the history leading up to it. So, I won’t be writing that up. For the TL:DR peeps the short story is: once you have the new viewer, right-click your avatar and select Hover Height. Then adjust.

I seem to remember the adjustment will only last for the secession. But, that may have changed as the last time I paid much attention was early in the development stage.

UPDATE: Oh….. the Linden announcement is here: Now Available: Hover Height Improvements.

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