High Fidelity VW Advertising

Our virtual worlds require computers and electricity. Both of those cost money. So, if we are to run a virtual world we have to have some way to pay the bills. The crew at High Fidelity is figuring out how to make money.

Hamlet gets into the details: High Fidelity Virtual World to Monetize with Names, Content Sales & Ads (Including Virtual Billboards)

Billboard Study #10

Image by: David Evers – Flickr

A novel, sort of, idea is selling avatar names. I suppose this would be like getting domain names for a web site. But, what happens when your name expires? What is the grace period? And what happens to your market place entries if someone else buys your name?

Hamlet also points to the idea coming from Hi-Fi that they will use billboards. That has possibilities…. Good and ridiculous…

I suppose we will get answers as things move forward.


3 thoughts on “High Fidelity VW Advertising

  1. Typical Philip cheapness. If his new world is any good he can take a cut off of what works- land or a marketplace.

    If the most basic thing – your account name is subject to being lost – credit card issue etc. – then his place isn’t worth even one look.

    I guess he remembered when people panicked when display names appeared – creating a ton of accounts.

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