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Today I logged in to check out a Fab Free sale. There are some great nails on sale at  Nail Me (SLURL).

I had the typical message that an update had been downloaded and the viewer needed to do an install of version 3.7.24 (297623). I decided now was the time. So, I OK’d the update now option. The viewer didn’t log me out. It closed and started the update. But, when I tried to relog I had to wait while the SL system realized I had left, logged me out, and then let me log back in. I would have been really annoyed if I has been in a hurry to get some place.

During the install process 4 or 5 files could not be installed because their previous versions were still in use. I am used to the ‘crash logger’ not installing. However this type of fail seems to be an ever increasing problem. It would appear the viewer QA effort is less than it once was.

If you run into the install problem, you can click ignore at each fail and get the viewer installed to get back  into Second Life. Mine seemed to run OK when I did that. However, if you have the time, download the version you are being updated to. Then do an install over the top of the old version or questionable update to make sure you have all the latest files in place. My re-install ran without any failed file installs. It did think I already had this version installed. I did. I just wanted to get the failed files updated too. But, after the re-install I didn’t see any difference in how the viewer worked.

RC & Project Viewers

There is only one RC viewer for now: Experience Viewer version

Project Managed Marketplace Viewer version

Project Oculus Rift Viewer version

I suspect we will see the Experience Tools rolling out soon and the RC Viewer being promoted to the default viewer too. The project viewers will take longer and both are a bit behind, which is usual. The Lindens concentrate on the Projects main feature and get that working then update to the latest general viewer code. So, when we see a version update on the RC & Project Viewers page we can assume they have passed some obstacle or reach a milestone and are ready to take on some ‘latest code’ capability issues.

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  1. With most other programs the option to ‘skip’ a busy file during installation comes with the warning that the computer will have to be rebooted to replace the busy file asap.

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