For the next 10 days or so I’ll be moving. I don’t know when my office will be back up. I’m moving from country life, as much as California has such a thing, into a small college town (50k 2010). Still inland San Diego area and I’ll have larger towns around me. Unfortunately no fiber optics, so I’ll be going with ATT Uverse wireless. I have no idea how well that will or won’t work. But, vacancy rates are 3% in SD just now. So, while I didn’t get what I want, I at least found something.

By Beverley Goodwin @ Flickr

By Beverley Goodwin @ Flickr

I won’t be in world much during the move. Nor will I be posting as my system will be down. I’ll have to see how the move goes before I’ll know when I’ll be back online.


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    • Thanks for this kind words. It is mostly over. The computer is back up, mostly, and online. Testing the new connection.

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