Video Jessica’s SL11B Event

The video is out. There was very little new information released in the meeting. But, Jessica did a pretty good job clearly explaining what we do know about the coming new world. Toward the end there is part of the meeting that is speculation.

For time approximate time marks and a bit of an index see: Jessica’s Future of SL Event at SL11B.

The names we seem to be using for the new world are SL2.0 or the shorter SSL… Second Second Life. The SSL is also an Internet security protocol, so that one could be confusing at times.

11 thoughts on “Video Jessica’s SL11B Event

  1. It should be Third Life 😛

    BTW I wait for you to do a recopilatory of this new world and all bits that have been around. I am not good at watching videos and I prefer to read an article from you.

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  3. There are a lot of immature people in SL who immediately react by jumping to anger and throwing a temper tantrum. They make unfounded, general statements, usually to the tune of Linden Lab is bad, they made SL to make us unhappy, they are out to screw everyone, etc. etc. I heard it when flexi prims came out, when sculpties came out, and when mesh came out. I am very tired of it.

    Get your information straight and be quiet until you have all the information and understand what has been said. Once you have done that, I will be happy to listen to you if you can remain calm and reasonable, even if you do disagree with me.

  4. Thanks looking forward to watching this. I really wonder if calling this anything related to Second Life is correct. IMHO I would be better to refer to this as a New Virtual World (NVW). Calling it SL2 or SSL puts constraints and expectations which might be unreasonable. This NVW from LL could turn out to be very not SL like when you look beyond some basic concepts.

    • You make a good point. However, Ebbe has said it will be in the spirit of SL. In many ways using SL2.0 is a good thing but in a number of ways bad. So, call it whatever works best.

  5. I hope I get the invite – I’m in. We all have one foot in two whirleds so why would one more make a big difference?

    Change is alwys good.

  6. change or die

    I recently read the news of changes in Second Life
    In bold letters “Second Life will be totally redone”

    Coincidentally I was commenting to some students the degradation process that SL has suffered and wear due to wrong path in my view and decision making from offices without practical visions that should leave the metaverse itself;

    Resistance to change by the Linden Lab?

    Insistence on maintaining an unfriendly viwer The viewer since official release of version 2, was not well received by users that have proved somewhat receptive to the new viwer that despite bringing great internal improvements opted for more exotic ways of interface. The decision to use pull down menus complexes (which unfold in more menus) instead of simplicity and efficiency of the pie menu is one of the most obvious examples. Not to mention options that were almost hidden as teleportation, access to media, etc..

    Understandably the Lindem Lab resists change while the alternative viwers gain more space.

    But of all the problems that most struck me were the changes brought about by something that alone should cause a revolution in Second Life. The Mesh.

    But for some inexplicable reason took totally different paths to desirable even to the point of technological regression. Today due to attachments to the body creating products is painted out instead of patterned clothes, like the early days of Second Life. Look regressed 11 years!

    SL What is most important, what did he do to be so attractive and so successful?

    In my opinion the SL began as a giant chat room and has evolved to a fantastic world with visual immersion now coming to the Oculus Rift. The key to success was to create a world where there were no limits of creation.

    Sorry to say but today I see stores dictating standards for glasses, hands, legs, breasts, etc.. Do not condemn the entrepreneurship of these tenants. They are occupying the space that was originally intended by Mehes (which should facilitate the adaptation of shapes Avatar) but also for some other reason could not even coming so close to success (mesh deformer).
    The SL is coming to a crossroads where the only options are: A cosmetic change aimed at maintaining the status quo!
    Or a profound change from the inside out from his strange and suffered so revolutionary. I believe that if you choose the wrong way and he had suffered to enter history as a game that marked the beginning of something new in the history of games or Be “creating your own world by the hands of the user himself!
    I want to leave my personal opinion clear and error-prone (the truth is not mine and I do not think that belongs to nobody) but with faith that the SL lasts for another 11, 22, 33 years!

    • Everyone gets an opinion…

      But, the idea that Second Life’s viewer is ‘unfriendly’ and unaccepted isn’t all that accurate. Studies have been made that show people have a high preference for things they learned via a first experience. So, those that started SL with a V1 interface prefer that and those that started with a V3 interface that one.

      It would be interesting to know how many Firestorm users use the V3 interface verses the V1 emulation. I think all the classes are given using the V3 interface. I don’t pay enough attention to say there are no V1 oriented classes, but I don’t recall any. If that is right, the V3 interface is the preferred UI.

      Pie menu’s verses standard row oriented menus… I very seldom ever see a pie menu used anywhere in life but the old viewers, not software, not web sites, phones, tablets, Linux… The familiar to everyone menu is the row oriented menu, of course that is what the Lab would use.

      I think Firestorm features and according to Jessica Lyon it is their; support, classes, and user feedback that make their viewer the most popular.

      As to mesh and painted vs pattern clothes, are you talking about procedural texturing? That was too much to add to the render engine.

      Stores dictating standards… that is a misuse of the word ‘dictating’. Just as numerous standards organizations in the world set standards so did a group of users in SL. Not everyone adopts them. Yet, it has given us something like RL small, medium, and large sizes.

      The next 3 years will give us new virtual worlds. Linden Lab’s worlds have a good chance of being the best there are. With Ebbe running things we may see what customers claim they want, management that listens to customers and gives them what they want. If so the Lab’s worlds will likely win out over the competitors.

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