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Early in Week 14 Gaia Clairy put a new video on YouTube. This is a bit of a revision to an earlier one and I think a clarification of the note card she sent to group members of Blender Avastar in-world. I reviewed that and published my understanding of her instructions in: AvaStar 1.1-1039 Released. AvaStar 1.1-1039 is still a release candidate and not a final version. The latest test RC is: avastar-1-1-1045 blender-2-65. The 2.65 is misleading, I think 1045 will only install in Blender 2.70 and up.

The point of the video is to show AvaStar users how to convert previous mesh clothes made for the standard sizes into Fitted Mesh. In other words, how to take mBone weighting and move it over to collision bone weighting. Plus what adjustments one needs to make for the new bones so the items work with the shape sliders.

In a discussion over on SLUniverse I was pointing out the similarities between Liquid and Fitted mesh. There was concern because some people were finding what was supposed to be Fitted Mesh being sold with multiple sizes included. I think Gaia’s video shows that multiple sizes may well be necessary for close fitting clothes. It seems many think Fitted Mesh eliminates the need for multiple sizes. We are learning that it may not.

Just as we have problems with RL clothes and size designations, I suspect we will see the same thing happen with Second Life clothes. It is a matter of time and someone figuring out a sizing scheme that works and is as easily understood as possible.

The video shows how to create basic weights from scratch and move them to the collision bones. There are many possibilities for how to weight a new item using AvaStar. The video show a simple ‘from bones’ example. But, it should suffice for figuring out the basic idea. The challenge is in explaining what all is possible and still keeping it simple.

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  1. The notation of the Avastar file name is described here:


    From that definition you see that Avastar should run on All Blender versions starting at Blender 2.65 and newer. Of course sometimes Blender makes such a big change that a particular Avastar version can no longer run. But then we normally provide an update.

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