Second Life News 2014-13 #2


The current main release version is: 3.7.4-288138 as of noon Saturday 3/29.

RC Viewers

StatTest Viewer version – not to ever be a release viewer. This version was for Linden use in figuring out a problem in Google Breakpad. The changes in this version are already in the Google Breakpad version.

Google Breakpad Viewer version – this version has the newest debugging code being put into service.

Interesting Viewer version – This is the version also known as: Interest List – They have made some changes in how it handles multi-threaded processes.

MerchantOutbox Viewer version – This version has updates added from candidates that have been promoted to main release status.

Voice Viewer  – Expect to see this candidate debute Monday. It will have the Vivox code/library. Mac users will see it solve a number of voice problems. It helps Windows users too, but not as dramatically.

Sunshine Viewer  – We should see a new version of this come out sometime next week (14)

Project Viewers

Zipper Viewer version – This is the fast install viewer.

Oculus Beta Viewer – This RC is not yet public. Word is; the Beta testing seems to be going well –  no ETA on when it will go public.

Group Bans

Group Bans – Testing was done and some good results info came out of it. There are some features and fixes to add as a result of the testing. So, no idea when we will see the RC Viewer for this.


This is part of the Sunshine project. It affects how the backside of inventory works. Word is that in week 14 all the RC channels will see this project enabled.

Voice Binaries

The Lab has released released the newest library and code from Vivox. This relates to the coming Voice RC Viewer. The code release means 3rd party viewers can start adding it. Expect big improvement on Mac. No Linux update. Oz is pining them to see when they may get something to the Lab.

Audio streams dropping when they contain ads. Requires relog to fix. Anyone that can reproduce the problem, file a JIRA. FS has the new FXmod merged and that seems to help.


FS April 1 is coming. Expect FS Support to abandon the in-world group for about a week. They are implementing full on Duck & Cover. You have been warned.

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