Climate Hockey-Stick Lawsuit

Mann has talked about the Hockey-Stick. He has said he did this and that and got this result, but he has consistently refused to release his raw data, analytical methods, and equations for anyone to examine. See: Cuccinelli vs Rectors and Visitors of the University of Virginia. Dr. Mann and the University of Virginia spent over US$500,000 of taxpayer money to keep the data out of the hands of the public.

Back to the Canadian cases by Weaver and Mann. The court dropped them both without prejudice, meaning Weaver & Mann can re-file. The cases were both dropped because Mann and Weaver would not move the cases forward. They needed to provide their work, data, and methods to the court to advance the case. Both refused to do so and thus their cases were dismissed.

Surely you are asking why scientific studies that so much depends on would not be released to end this part of the argument? Especially when one considers that Mann’s work was paid for by federal and Virginia taxpayers and is supposed to be subject to FOIA demands. Both Weaver and Mann also stood to win substantial amounts if victorious in their libel lawsuits and to have their substantial legal costs reimbursed. They gave up those considerable investments because they would not reveal their work to public scrutiny.

Consider, scientific studies, data, and methodologies are published in scientific journals every day. This is so other scientists can check for; misconceptions, errors in data analysis, and other human mistakes to assure the accuracy of science. So, why did both refuse, at great expense, to release their work and settle the issue and lawsuits? We have to speculate because the reasons given are ludicrous. We also have the emails from Climategate that reveal what they were thinking. But, Climategate has been obfuscated to the point it is difficult to find the truth without actually reading the thousands of emails.

Steyn is questioning their claims and saying he does not believe Mann’s work and thinks he faked it, this is what free speech is about. Mother Jones in regard to the US case is not pointing out the how the DC judge’s ruling stifles free speech: “In other words, Steyn’s evaluation of Mann’s scientific claims can be legally suppressed because Steyn dares to question the conclusions of established scientific institutions connected to the government.” The exact same thing we admire Galileo for having done when oppressed by the church.

In so many places we are seeing free speech rights trampled. So, many see the Mann vs Steyn case as a DC court judge moving toward a precedent that allows any disagreement with the government to be suppressed. If true, this is a major threat to free speech in America.

There is the current Justine Pelletier case where the Boston Children’s Hospital obtained a gag order to keep the parents from talking when no legal reason exists for a gag order. Gag orders are to prevent corruption of juries. There is no jury trial ongoing, pending, or planned. But, courts are silencing citizens on behalf of government agencies and organizations with strong government connections.

What grounds is there to legally bind parents from talking to reporters or anyone about their doctor’s and the Boston Children’s Hospital doctors’ opinions disagreeing? The only apparent reason is to get the issue out of the press. If you need a cause, join the one to return Justine to her parents before the healthcare system kills her.

We now have the FBI investigating the people behind the movie 2016: Obama’s America. The timing of the investigation, post 2016 movie and just as the production group prepares to release the next movie America as a counter to leftist propaganda, is suggestive of political intimidation and suppression of diverse opinions.

The current administration via the FCC is attempting to place government agents in every newsroom across America as we near the 2014 elections. (Reference) Think Orwell’s 1984. The current public heat against government surveillance seems to have pushed that idea back. It will return, just watch.

The White House has classified the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) law that Pres. Johnson signed. (reference) Why is a public law classified? It is now removed from public inspection while supposedly still in effect. But, you can’t read it, it is no longer available to be read. WTF?

A policy issued by the White House administration states agencies may lie about whether documents requested by FOIA orders exist or not. (reference) That defeats the purpose of FOIA and keeps the documents hidden.

If you search Google on ‘loss of free speech in America’ you get 86 million hits. Prestigious newspapers are questioning the loss of our rights. (reference)

There is the Navy’s neighborhood spy satellite. (reference) It will watch you in your backyard. There is the planned license-plate tracking system. (reference) Federal cameras will track you wherever you go. The DHS decided now is not a good time to push this issue. But, states and cities are going ahead with it. Government in America is intruding into everything we do.

The IRS is still refusing to grant or deny conservative organizations 501 status. Liberal organizations have been at most only delayed for weeks. A large number of people think the IRS issue has been debunked and mainstream media is going along with that claim. But, there are still 500+ organizations that cannot get approval or denial and haven’t been able to for years. By being not being denied they are effectively blocked from the legal appeal process.

Again we see how the actual state of affairs can be spun to confuse the general public. It is absolutely true to SAY conservative groups have not been denied. But, they have in fact very effectively been denied status by stonewalling them, but stonewalling is not an official denial.

Less than two-dozen liberal organizations were even questioned before being approved. The stats are hugely lopsided. Testimony under oath before Congress strongly suggests the IRS has been weaponized as a political tool.

The DOJ investigation into the IRS has been handled by Democrats that have a bias to support the Left and oppose the Right. Within 3 days of starting the investigation and without ever talking to one of the conservative groups trying to get 501 status the investigating Democrat stated there was no reason to think there was any bias or criminal activity or abuse of power. But, the top IRS person took the 5th before Congress. Why, if there was no criminal activity?

The National Labor Board is showing up at companies that support conservative agendas way more often than at liberal companies.

It is no surprise that a DC Court trampled Steyn’s free speech rights in the recent US case. It fits a pattern of free speech abuse and increased government control to protect government agendas. Fortunately the judge’s ruling has been overturned by a higher court. (Order_20131223144647) See public records: DC Courts – Mann vs National Review.

Now Steyn is filing countersuit against Mann. It appears Mann and company are attempting to once again drive legal costs up in their case against Steyn by stalling while steadfastly refusing to release the information that would move the case forward and settle the issues. Steyn’s countersuit may break the logjam and force an action on Mann’s part.

We may eventually get to see the data, methods, and how Mann analyzed them because of the countersuit. Mann may have to explain what Climategate called the Mike Trick (reference vs reference) used to make the Hockey-Stick.

But, with literally billions of dollars at stake don’t be surprised if things go political and we see some legally insane judicial rulings made along party lines.

3 thoughts on “Climate Hockey-Stick Lawsuit

  1. It is always entertaining to see what the proponents of anthropogenic global warming will do to silence rational discussion of the subject. I enjoy reading Watts Up WIth That? to hear the other side of the story. And I imagine Anthony Watts writing each article with a satisfied smile as he pulls another rug out from under another warmist. Being an agnostic is okay. Trying to silence your opponents is not. Thank you for writing about this important topic.

    • Warming is an important issue. Our free speech is a bigger issue. The intolerant liberals often move to fascist thinking and plans for silencing their opponents when they can’t defend their ideas.

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